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Snakeskin Jasper: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Snakeskin Jasper is a very interesting stone that many people in the crystal healing community don’t know about. But despite its lack of popularity, it has a lot to offer!

This guide will teach you about the meaning, healing properties, and ways to use Snakeskin Jasper. By the time you’re done reading it, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t heard of it sooner!

History & Overview

It’s not hard to see how Snakeskin Jasper gets its name. This beautiful stone can feature red, cream, yellow, or green swirls. While there’s plenty of variation available, the combination of colors creates a pattern that mimics the unique texture of a snake’s skin!

A group of Snakeskin Jasper stones

The history of this opaque chalcedony is rich. It had a strong association with the Egyptian goddess Iris. In those times, it represented menstrual blood and was said to have helped women have a healthy pregnancy.

Later, it even appeared in Christianity. Other forms of Jasper warded off evil spirits, and this snake-like variant was thought to belong to powerful archangels.

Today, Snakeskin Jasper is a powerful tool for healers due to its meaning and healing properties. It’s also a favorite among mineral collectors for its sheer beauty. Most of the samples on the market today come from Australia, and colors can vary wildly. 

The most breathtaking cuts are usually utilized for jewelry or sculptures. Like other forms of Jasper, the Snakeskin variety is ripe for creative expression.

Snakeskin Jasper Meaning

Snakeskin Jasper holds many different meanings. However, it’s universally regarded as a protector. The stone can keep you safe from dark energy from unexpected sources.

Of course, Snakeskin Jasper doesn’t make you live in a protective bubble. You’ll still encounter challenges that help you grow and evolve. However, this stone’s properties can help you stay safe from attacks that seemingly come out of nowhere.

Whether you’re wallowing in the depths of despair or climbing the pinnacles of success, there are always people around you who want to see you fail. Those subconscious hopes of suffering can often come from a place of jealousy. They sometimes radiate from dark people who want nothing more than to bring everyone down.

Whatever the case may be, that dark energy can creep into your auric field and wreak havoc on your well-being. The core meaning of Snakeskin Jasper helps you eradicate those unnecessarily bad vibes. It combats unwanted energy by inducing a sense of calm and understanding.

Some believe that Snakeskin Jasper also protects you from psychic attacks. Those events can affect you without so much as a warning, so having a protective crystal like Snakeskin Jasper on your side ensures that you can conquer anything.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Snakeskin Jasper might not be as well-known as other minerals in the crystal healing scene. But according to believers, this stone can do a lot to change your life for the better.

Here are just some of the benefits that the healing properties of this stone can provide.


Everyone can use a bit of energetic support. Snakeskin Jasper has it in droves!

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a calming protector that keeps you safe from people you want to blindside you with negativity. It shields you from the damaging nature of jealousy and helps you stay on track despite the people who want you to fail.

But the healing properties of this unique stone do more than shield you from naysayers and energy vampires. They can also help you change your attitude towards the challenges you face.

When life kicks you down, it’s easy to lose hope and give up. Snakeskin Jasper’s energy lifts you and lights a fire of determination in your soul. Instead of cowering in fear, you can face your challenges head-on.

Many believe that the meaning and properties of Snakeskin Jasper also help you be more present and adaptive. It’s about pushing you to think of your feet. 

When you’re able to adapt at a moment’s notice, nothing can shake your footing! You can become a master of flexibility, changing your approach to every situation that tests you. Many people dream of having that power, and Snakeskin Jasper can help grant it.

This stone can encourage you to overcome inner demons on a deeper level. You can’t expect to succeed and reach your full potential when you have the weight of the past holding you back. The determination that Snakeskin Jasper instills pushes you to rid yourself of old habits and unhealthy thought patterns to move on to bigger and brighter things.


Snakeskin Jasper’s greatest strengths lie in its emotional healing. However, many believe that the healing properties of this stone can aid the soul and put you on the right path for spiritual bliss.

Spirituality is a never-ending quest for peace and understanding. Even if you’re not actively searching for enlightenment, it’s part of life’s journey! Unfortunately, life experiences can prematurely end your spiritual sojourn and leave you wandering aimlessly in a pretty dark place.

Snakeskin Jasper is like a beacon of hope. It helps you find balance in your mind, body, and soul so that you’re free to let your spirit soar. Your spirit remains intact and ready to fly despite all the negatively whirling around your aura in the real world. As a result, you can reach brand-new levels of wisdom and enlightenment.

Snakeskin Jasper’s impact is even more significant if you’re lucky enough to have spiritual gifts. Spiritualists swear by the deep connection its meaning has  to realms beyond our own. It may even facilitate dream recall and even encourage acts of astral projection.


Most healers rely on Snakeskin Jasper for its emotional and spiritual effects alone. But that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer your physical vessel. According to some crystal healing practitioners, this stone has a surprisingly broad impact on your health and well-being.

One theory is that being in the presence of Snakeskin Jasper improves the circulatory system. It’s said to strengthen your heart and enhance blood flow throughout the body. In addition to potentially lowering your blood pressure, improving your circulation could deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to other organs and boost overall vitality.

That’s not all. This gemstone is used by many practitioners with the goal of aiding digestion and improving the recovery from illness. They believe that it’s particularly influential for those slowly healing after encountering major health complications.

Snakeskin Jasper is also considered a crystal for fertility that can even promote healthier detoxification and address stress-related health problems.

Metaphysical Properties

As a type of chalcedony mineral, Snakeskin Jasper’s most considerable influence is as a root chakra stone. Also known as Muladhara, this chakra is at the base of the spine and acts as your entry point for life force energy.

Many would argue that the root chakra is one of the most important of your seven primary chakras. It delivers energy from Mother Earth into your metaphysical plane and allows it to flow upward into the rest of your chakras.

Without an open root chakra, it’s impossible to achieve balance and peace. Furthermore, blockages in the energy pathway can change everything about your personality and mindset.

This chakra governs your sense of stability. When blocked by fear or pain, you might feel lost or complacent. Instead of having a sense of direction and drive, you’ll feel like an empty shell of pain.

The metaphysical properties of Snakeskin Jasper combat those feelings. It triggers the chakra, helping you feel grounded in life.

In addition to the root chakra, Snakeskin Jasper is also a great stone for the solar plexus chakra. It’s the third of the seven major chakras and symbolizes your well of self-worth. The spot is responsible for giving you high self-esteem and pride in the things you do.

As you can imagine, blocking this can do significant harm to your inner psyche. When you can’t love yourself, you might develop potentially dangerous ways of thinking. Luckily, Snakeskin Jasper is here to fight those emotions and facilitate peace.

Ways To Use It

There are no “right” or “wrong” ways to introduce the meaning and healing properties of Snakeskin Jasper into your life. It’s a versatile stone that can adapt to anyone’s lifestyle and habits.

Snakeskin Jasper will fit right into your routine if you’re well-versed in meditation and healing techniques. Hold it in your hands during meditation, use it to create healing grids, and wave it over your metaphysical plane to trigger the relevant chakras.

Of course, you don’t need to be a seasoned healer to use Snakeskin Jasper. The most straightforward approach is to wear it as jewelry!

Artists love working with this stone. It’s tough enough to last but soft enough to cut and set into jewelry pieces. It doesn’t matter whether you get a pendant necklace, an in-your-face ring, or a bracelet of beads. The healing energy remains!

Wearing Snakeskin Jasper as jewelry allows you to reap its rewards all day. It stays close to your body and often makes direct contact with the skin for targeted healing.

If you’d rather be more discreet, you can also carry the stone in your pocket. It’ll continue to spread its protective healing properties as you conquer the day.

Stone Combinations

Ask any experienced healer, and they’ll likely tell you that they rarely use a stone by itself. While you can undoubtedly use Snakeskin Jasper alone to experience its stated benefits, you might notice better results combining it with other healing crystals.

This stone has an energy profile and meaning that complements most minerals in the crystal kingdom. Using it with other healers lets you combine energy fields and create a custom experience that meets your needs to a tee!

So what stones and crystals work with Snakeskin Jasper? You have many options and healers are still learning about what this rock can do. However, it doesn’t seem to react negatively when used alongside any other healing crystal.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works for you! The go-to approach for most is to combine the Jasper with similar crystals that achieve a specific feat.

For example, you can use other grounding stones if stability is your main priority. Some good pairings include Moss Agate, Red Jasper, Boji Stone, Shungite, Black Obsidian, and more.

You can also use it with nature-focused stones to reconnect with Mother Earth. Popular choices there include Clear Quartz, Turquoise, Tiger’s Eye, and standard Jasper.

How To Cleanse Snakeskin Jasper

In the context of crystal healing, cleansing is about more than just keeping your stones looking pristine. While that is important, cleansing refers to getting rid of dark energy and recharging the mineral for continued healing.

Stones encounter a barrage of dark energy every time you use them. Snakeskin Jasper confronts even more than most realize. It’s a protective stone that keeps you calm. Imagine the types of energy it intercepts to keep you feeling at peace!

Over time, that onslaught will weigh your Snakeskin Jasper down and damper its healing properties until they are nothing more than a faint glow. Cleansing brings it back to life, allowing you to continue healing. 

Generally, it’s best to cleanse stones once a month. However, you can cleanse it more frequently if you use it often.

The two best cleansing techniques for Snakeskin Jasper involve the moon and the earth. If you’re lucky enough to be near the rise of a full moon, take advantage of it! Set the stone on your windowsill and allow it to bask in the moonlight as you sleep.

The lunar energy will eradicate darkness and keep your stone feeling radiant. The same goes for the soil in your backyard.

The meaning of Snakeskin Jasper shares a close connection to nature. Burying it in your garden for a night will let it tap into the well of infinite healing energy that flows beneath our feet.

As always, you can also let it soak in rice, cleanse it with sage, and recharge in the presence of other healing stones.

Zodiac Connection

Snakeskin Jasper is available to anyone. You don’t need to belong to a specific zodiac to take full advantage of the potential healing benefits it offers.

That said, you might feel a stronger connection to this stone if you are a Gemini, Capricorn, or Leo. While Snakeskin Jasper isn’t an official birthstone of these signs, it might resonate with their respective wavelengths.

Healers say this stone addresses the signs’ most jarring weaknesses. Geminis, Capricorns, and Leos are all different. But, they can benefit from the protection and healing properties of Snakeskin Jasper.

For Geminis, the issue is indecision and impulsiveness. In this case, the colorful Jasper forces you to look inward and let go of some skeletons in your closet. In doing so, it may help Geminis be more direct.

The same goes for Capricorns. However, their issue is being stuck in their ways and worrying too much about reputations. Once again, Snakeskin Jasper addresses subconscious demons to help Capricorns find a little peace.

For Leos, the stone is about being more aware of their actions and surroundings. Its meaning inspires and protects them from their oblivious way of thinking, helping Leos live in the present.


Snakeskin Jasper has an inspiring meaning and strong healing properties that many individuals can benefit from. In fact, we would go so far as to say that everyone should give it a try at some point!

If you have any questions about this uncommon stone that we didn’t address above, send them our way. We’re always happy to help.

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