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Azurite: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

Azurite is an interesting and popular healing crystal that has a lot to offer. But due to its popularity there’s actually a lot of misinformation being passed around.

This guide will cover the meaning, healing properties, benefits, and ways to use Azurite.

History & Overview

Azurite is a soft and porous, deep blue stone that is made of copper carbonate hydroxide. The name, Azurite, is derived from an Old Persian word for the color blue. You will sometimes hear Azurite referred to as Chessylite. This is because a new deposit of Azurite was discovered in Chessy-Les-Mains, France in the 1800’s. 

France is not the only place where Azurite is found. There are also Azurite deposits in Saxony, Morocco, Russia, China, Chile, Australia and even in the United States. A variation of Azurite, called K2, has been found at the base of the mountain with the same name. K2’s composition is different because it’s actually White Granite with Malachite and Azurite inclusions.

A piece of Azurite

Azurite is not a new discovery and has been a part of the human experience since ancient times. It was highly prized by the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Persians, Chinese and even the Mayans. The interesting thing is that even though these civilizations were far apart, they all believed that the meaning of Azurite was tied to the ability to connect to higher realms. 

The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Persians used the properties of Azurite as a way to channel their gods. The Chinese believed that the meaning of this stone represented a gateway to the heavens, and the Mayans used Azurite to create psychic connections between people. It’s even thought that Azurite was an important healing stone in the lost civilization of Atlantis.

During Medieval and Renaissance times, the blue pigmentation of Azurite was used to create paint. In fact, painters such as Hans Holbein and Raphael used Azurite paint in some of their most famous works.

Azurite Meaning

As we discussed above, Azurite has been used by people since the days of ancient civilizations. Over time, as Azurite was used and tested, healers discovered that this stone has many different meanings.

Even though Azurite was used by many cultures, one common thread seems to have developed. The meaning of Azurite is about connecting us to higher realms. Azurite is often known as The Stone Of Heaven because of its reputation for helping people create a bridge between this world and that of heavenly beings. 

Another meaning for Azurite is about inspiring change, standing up for yourself and finding your inner love. It’s the stone to have on your side when you are crippled with self-doubt or have a fear of making decisions. Azurite may be able to help you focus on what’s important, so you can move forward without doubts or trepidation.

Healing Properties & Benefits

If we were to choose some stones that are great all-around healers, Azurite would definitely make the list. This is a stone that has lots of physical, emotional, spiritual and even metaphysical benefits. Over the centuries, this water energy stone has been used for everything from chakra healing and divination to strengthening relationships and even providing some measure of dementia relief.

The ways that the healing properties of Azurite can be used in your daily practice are quite diverse. Rather too soft for jewelry, this stone is great as a feng shui focus, as a meditation focus and as a channel to higher realms. It can also be used as a constant healing presence when carried with you throughout the day.


It’s no secret that the key to a healthy body and uplifted spirit is a sense of emotional balance and well-being. Using the properties of Azurite as part of your daily practice can help bring you to a place of inner peace and greater emotional healing.

The pace of life today and various global situations can surely set you up for a cocktail of anxiety, fear, stress and a feeling of helplessness. Crystal healers will often recommend the healing properties of Azurite for those who just can’t seem to keep negative thoughts from overwhelming them. The uplifting and positive vibrations of this beautiful stone are said to help the user banish any negative thoughts or past traumas that could be keeping them in a cycle of anxiety and self-doubt.

Azurite is said to be a powerful tool for students or anyone involved in business because it is known to stimulate intellectual curiosity, build self-confidence and to develop the patience it takes to remain focused on the prize (even when the going gets tough). Using Azurite is also good to have on your side in situations of high-stress or during moments of indecision.

If matters of the heart are weighing you down, or if you are dealing with a difficult relationship, then let Azurite give you a little help. Using Azurite may be able to help you deal with all the baggage and toxic emotions that are keeping you from moving on and letting love into your life.

Let the cleansing and gentle healing vibrations of Azurite benefit you by bringing you to a place of complete and balanced emotional wellness.


Azurite is the stone of choice for anyone who is serious about taking their spiritual practice to the next level. This crystal, connected to the crown and third-eye chakras, is all about expanding your inner vision and giving you the open mind and heart that’s needed to break free from any constraints that may be blocking your spiritual growth.

This is a very powerful stone, so we recommend using it thoughtfully. Enhancing your spiritual connection should be done slowly and with intention, so it may be best to not use Azurite on a daily basis.

Using Azurite has the potential to help you with any type of spiritual practice you’re into. The high level vibrations of this crystal are said to be like a channel that helps you to bridge the gap between this world and the higher, more ethereal realms above. 

Some of the spiritual benefits of using Azurite include enhanced second sight, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming and communication with spirit guides and angelic beings. If you’re into astral projection, or if you have been wanting to experiment with it, then Azurite will serve as a crystal for protection to help you do this safely. The meaning of Azurite helps protect your auric space from toxic vibes and negative energy. This will keep your spirit and intentions pure, so you will be more open to signs and messages from higher powers. 


Natural healers often use stones and crystals with the goal of addressing a wide variety of conditions. This is not a new practice, and practitioners have been using stones, such as Azurite, for centuries.

Crystal healers say that this stone has powerful detoxifying properties that work wonders on organs such as the spleen, kidneys and liver. Some other health issues that practitioners try to address with Azurite include asthma, arthritis, joint problems, immune system issues, thyroid problems and neck disorders.

Azurite is loved by many practitioners because they say it brings deep healing at the cellular level, thereby rejuvenating and energizing the body for better overall health.

Metaphysical Properties

Although you may not realize it, metaphysical wellness is just as important as emotional, physical or spiritual health. The body is made up of a series of energy centers, also called chakras, that keep energy flowing from the base of your spine to the top of your head. These chakras correspond to various organs and nerve centers within the body. When one of these energy centers is blocked, it can lead to a variety of health issues.

Healing crystals are often associated with specific chakras. In the case of Azurite, it is thought that it has a stronger resonance with the third-eye, crown and throat chakras. When these chakras are out of balance, using Azurite during your meditation sessions can help realign these chakras to bring an unimpeded energy flow.

How can you tell if one of these chakras needs assistance? If you are feeling disconnected from others or from your sense of intuition, or if you are suffering from intense, unexplained sadness, then your third-eye chakra is probably out of sync. When you seem to lack inspiration, or if you find yourself focusing on material matters, then let the metaphysical properties of Azurite get to work on your crown chakra. Throat chakra issues include a feeling of insecurity, social anxiety and trouble expressing your thoughts and feelings.

The metaphysical properties of Azurite make it an excellent stone to use if you find your mind wandering during meditation. Place it on your mat or hold it in your hands for increased focus and concentration.

Ways To Use It

Azurite is rather unique in that this is not a healing crystal that is suitable for use in jewelry. First of all, Azurite comes in at around a four on the Mohs Hardness Scale, so it’s really too soft to be used in a jewelry setting. Also, wearing Azurite may cause it to be exposed to sunlight, and this stone is very sensitive to both heat and sunlight. In fact, too much exposure may turn the stone black. 

Two Azurite crystals next to each other

Many people choose to simply place a raw, untumbled piece of Azurite in their purse or backpack. If you decide to use this method, you’ll need to be very careful due to the delicate nature of the crystal. Not only is it delicate and prone to crumbling, but its pigment tends to rub off easily, causing stains and a mess. This is obviously inconvenient because Azurite is the happiest and works the best when it is being held or rubbed. 

Azurite is also an excellent stone for use in feng shui. If you require a space to let your creative juices flow, then Azurite placed in the eastern area of your home or office will help you stay inspired. Azurite is a water energy stone, and it is often used in the northern section of a space to create an area of tranquility, balance and relaxation.

The meaning and properties of Azurite also make it a great tool for divination, goddess work, as a way to communicate with angels, and as a protective talisman.

Stone Combinations

Many healing crystals pair very well with other stones. When you combine stones together, it creates a partnership where the stones share their vibrations. The way you combine stones depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Interestingly enough, Azurite is not a crystal that is known to pair readily with other healing stones. It’s known in the natural healing world to be a bit of a finicky stone, and its meaning and properties only sync up nicely with a few other stones. The stones that Azurite likes best are the ones that are found near it in nature. Malachite and Chrysocolla are two stones that can be paired with Azurite. 

Danburite, Phenacite and Shattuckite are other stones that sometimes go well with Azurite. Combining these crystals is said to bring the user a greater sense of awareness as well as mental strength. Turquoise can be paired with Azurite if you’re trying to boost the immune system and to foster calmness and a connection to the inner-self.

How To Cleanse Azurite

Healing crystals need to be cleansed and charged periodically for their meaning and properties to shine through. Because stones such as Azurite absorb tons of negativity and toxic energy, we recommend giving your crystal a good cleansing about once a week. Don’t forget to cleanse your stone before using it for the first time, or if you have not used it in a while.

Azurite is quite a delicate stone, so many cleansing methods that are good for other healing crystals are not appropriate for this stone. For example, many healing crystals can be cleansed using warm, soapy water. Due to the fragility of Azurite, this method is not really recommended. However, it can be wiped very gently with a soft cloth.

Placing a stone in sunlight to be cleansed and charged is another common method that is suitable for many stones. Sunlight is very damaging to Azurite, so this cleansing method should be avoided. Moonlight, however, is excellent for both charging and cleansing Azurite. Simply place it on a windowsill where it can bathe in the rays of the moon.

Another cleansing method that goes along with moonlight is the use of starlight. The night sky offers powerful and ancient energy that is thought to not only cleanse but recharge your crystal as well. When employing this method, it’s very important to have a clear and focused intention.

Smudging is a gentle and effective way to cleanse your Azurite. Sacred plants, such as sage, lavender, cedar or sweetgrass, work quite well. Hold your Azurite in the rising smoke and wait until the smoke cloaks the crystal evenly and calmly.

Clear Quartz and Selenite are often considered to be universal cleansers for all kinds of healing stones. If you have a Quartz cluster or a piece of Selenite, you can use it to cleanse your Azurite. A bowl of Clear Quartz chips can be used as well. This crystal will absorb all of the negative and toxic vibrations from your stone

Lastly, it’s possible to cleanse your Azurite by holding it carefully in your hands. Close your eyes and have the intention to remove all of the toxic energy that’s been absorbed. This can be done through prayer, meditation and with or without using a mantra.

Zodiac Connection

In much the same way that stones appear to have a stronger connection to one or more chakras, many also have a greater affinity for certain zodiac signs. In the case of Azurite, it’s thought that anyone born under the signs of Sagittarius or Aquarius will see the strongest benefit from its meaning and healing properties. 

Not one of these signs? Don’t worry. Working with Azurite can still be a rewarding experience. If using Azurite feels good to your spirit, then simply go with that feeling.

However, for a Sagittarius or Aquarius, using Azurite during a daily healing practice may help to bring a better balance between positive and negative character traits. For example, a Sagittarius may find themselves better able to slow down, think things through and handle tasks with more patience and focus. 

While an Aquarius may be open-minded, creative and compassionate, they can often be stubborn and rebellious. The properties of Azurite can help an Aquarius to soften the rougher edges of their personality.

In some circles, Azurite is also associated with the sign of Capricorn.

Closing Thoughts

Azurite has a meaning that’s all about pursuing a connection to higher realms, and its properties will help you achieve this goal. There’s a reason why this is such a popular choice in the crystal healing community!

We hope you found this guide helpful and feel more informed about the ways that this stone can benefit you. If you have questions about anything you read above, send us a message and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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