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Hypersthene: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Hypersthene is a lovely stone that is surprisingly under the radar. With a unique beauty and strong properties, it’s one that all crystal healers should know about.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about this amazing stone.

History & Overview

Hypersthene is a beautiful iron magnesium silicate stone. It goes by several other names, including Ferrosilite, Spectrolite, Eulite, Enstatite and Orthopyroxene. However, Hypersthene is the common name given to it in 1804. Hypersthene roughly translates to “over strength” based on Greek translation.

Hypersthene stone

This mineral usually takes on deep brown, but some cuts feature green, black or gray hues. Thanks to its orthorhombic crystal system, Hypersthene has a stunning shimmer. The subtle iridescence creates a signature cat-eye effect. It’s somewhat holographic, making it a sought-after stone for healers and collectors.

Hypersthene occurs naturally in feldspar deposits throughout the globe. It’s most commonly found in North America. However, it’s also prevalent in many European countries, Australia and some parts of Asia.

Hypersthene Meaning

Many consider Hypersthene a powerful talisman in the world of crystal healing. Healers say that the properties of the stone can do many things to improve your life, but what makes it unique to others is that it focuses on self-love and fulfillment.

Other stones in the crystal healing scene focus on specific emotional or spiritual properties. Hypersthene is all-encompassing. It has unique characteristics that make it beneficial in different ways to different people, but the overarching meaning of this stone revolves around satisfaction with life.

The meaning of the stone is all about resilience, helping you weather the most devastating storms while finding purpose. It’s about having the strength to overcome all obstacles and discovering true peace and fulfillment in a world of chaos.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Hypersthene is thought to be an all-encompassing healer with unique effects on every aspect of your life. It’s a powerful token and is a worthy addition to any stone collection.

Here’s a small glimpse of what the healing properties of Hypersthene can do for you.


This stone’s biggest impact is often felt in one’s emotional space. Many healers use this stone to promote self-love and satisfaction. As mentioned earlier, it encourages fulfillment.

One way it does that is by directing troublesome energy inward. That might seem counterproductive, but the stone allows you to use your emotional energy towards something good.

People often worry about what’s next, especially when their lives take an unexpected turn. That worry can manifest in many negative ways, affecting your state of mind, self-esteem and general approach to life.

The properties of Hypersthene encourage you to concentrate that energy inward, forcing you to reflect, observe and understand. It shifts your perspective and concern, allowing you to focus on what your mind and body truly need. Instead of worrying about the things you can’t change, you can prioritize the things you have control over.

That level of deep understanding can be life-changing. Hypersthene helps you cut out external distractions to highlight yourself and your emotions. This redirection can dramatically improve your self-esteem and overall outlook.

Many people find that Hypersthene not only helps them find solutions to the issues that plague them but also helps them prioritize their mental capacity and focus on things that matter most.


Hypersthene is also said to be a powerful spiritual healer.

Spirituality can be a lifelong battle for many. It has less to do with religion and more about finding purpose. Hypersthene’s healing energy is the perfect match for someone who struggles to find fulfillment in their life.

Whether you’re struggling to find joy in the everyday monotony of life or feel like you have yet to reach your full potential, Hypersthene can help you find the peace you need. It’s said to be a totem of self-love and perseverance.

It urges you to be less critical of yourself and others and to have a clear heart and mind to love. The stone’s energy gives you a greater sense of resolve, empowering you to fight your negative thoughts and discover the strength you need to live the life you want.

It’s not about settling. It’s about realizing what you have and gaining strength to get where you want to be.

Many believe that Hypersthene is a powerful companion for those who have many questions about themselves, their lives and the world around them. The stone’s energy helps you find answers to those questions, uncovering truths that provide greater appreciation and purpose.


Most of Hypersthene’s benefits lie in its ability to promote emotional and spiritual healing. But some crystal healers say that it can also benefit your physical body.

One supposed benefit of welcoming Hypersthene’s energy into life is less fatigue. It’s thought to help you feel more energized. Some say that the energizing effect is a result of less strain on your emotions.

Others use it with the intention of relieving muscle aches. The theory is that the energy emanating from Hypersthene is particularly beneficial to your shoulders and neck. However, it’s thought to address muscle aches throughout your body, helping you live a more active and comfortable lifestyle.

Metaphysical Properties

Many stones used among crystal healers address one or two chakra points. But as we mentioned earlier, Hypersthene is an all-encompassing healer. Its metaphysical properties can positively influence all seven primary chakras!

It starts with your root chakra, called Muladhara. This chakra is responsible for your sense of grounding. It promotes stability and helps you feel grounded. When negative energy clogs this chakra, you may feel lost and insecure.

Opening this chakra gives you the foundation for energy to flow through your entire metaphysical plane.

Hypsthene continues its journey up your chakras. It opens the sacral chakra to boost creativity and confidence. Then, it moves to the solar plexus chakra to improve your overall sense of self.

From there, the stone’s energy enhances the heart and throat chakras. Doing so enables you to love yourself and others while giving you the strength to speak your truth! Finally, Hypersthene enhances the third eye and crown chakras.

Its effect on the third-eye chakra grants wisdom and enlightenment, while its influence on the crown chakra opens the connection to the cosmos and universal consciousness.

Continued meditation and healing with Hypersthene may lead to a Kundalini awakening. This occurs when all your chakras open, allowing you to experience an expanded state of consciousness.

Few stones can help you achieve Kundalini awakening, making Hypersthene a special stone.

Ways To Use Hypersthene

There are several ways to use Hypersthene to benefit from its properties.

The most common approach is meditation. Holding the stone in your hand allows you to drive your intent into it while benefiting from its energy field.

You can also wear it on your body through jewelry or keep it in your pocket. Having it on you at all times allows you to absorb its energy throughout the day. It also serves as a calming totem for times of stress, reminding you to find light in every storm.

If you don’t want to wear it, consider using it as decor. It does wonders to improve your home’s energy and can become a valuable tool for clearing negativity from a meditation room.

Stone Combinations

Hypersthene is a versatile stone that can benefit your life in many ways. But it doesn’t have to work alone. This stone can be used with others, allowing you to optimize its energy and obtain a broader range of benefits.

The best pairings include using Hypersthene with other transformative stones. Many healers like to use it alongside:

Using Hypersthene with any of those stones can help you retrain your mind for a better outlook on life.

If you want to maximize the effects of Hypersthene, you can pair it with energy-boosting crystals. Good examples include:

Hypersthene also pairs well with crystals and gemstones that focus on specific chakras. While Hypersthene can open all chakras, you can create a stone combination to focus its energy on the chakras that need the most attention.

How To Cleanse It

Hypersthene has strong healing properties. But like any other healing crystal, it can get bogged down with negative energy. As a result, it benefits from regular cleansing.

The best way to cleanse Hypersthene is to wipe it down with a damp cloth. It’s not a good idea to submerge this stone in water completely due to the high risk of damage. However, wiping it with a damp cloth lets you take advantage of the cleaning power of water safely.

Another option is to store it with a cleansing crystal like Selenite. Selenite is a self-cleaning stone with energy that recharges others.

You can also bathe Hypersthene in the moonlight to rid it of negative energy and maintain its healing power.

Zodiac Connections

This powerful healer isn’t exclusive to a specific zodiac. Anyone can use it to find fulfillment and peace.

However, it’s said to be extra effective for those born under a few specific signs.

It’s believed to help Scorpios, Virgos, Pisces, and Libra.

All of these signs can struggle with self-love in different ways. Virgos are notoriously harsh on themselves. Meanwhile, Scorpios are so blinded by determination that they become destructive in their quest for perfection. Pisces tend to be self-sacrificing, and Libras rely on others too much to find happiness.

Hypersthene addresses those weaknesses by forcing holders to look inward and prioritize self-fulfillment. It grants strength, changes one’s perspective and helps individuals find peace.


As you can see, Hypersthene is definitely worth adding to your practice. With strong energy and healing properties, it’s not surprising to see the kind of influence it can have.

So go out there and give it a try!

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