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Peach Moonstone: Meaning, Properties, Benefits & More!

Peach Moonstone can offer a number of compelling benefits to practitioners who use it. It’s a stone with a rich history, and it’s still being used to this day!

This guide will teach you all about the meaning, healing properties, benefits, and ways to use Peach Moonstone.

History & Overview

We know that once you’ve seen the glorious pale orange shimmer of Peach Moonstone, you’ll be as enchanted as we are. This lovely stone simply shines with a unique feature called adularescence. This is just a technical way of saying that this stone (and others with this characteristic) seem to glow from within. However, it’s this feature that gives Peach Moonstone its special allure.

Peach Moonstone is actually a form of potassium aluminum silicate feldspar. It’s the high level of aluminum that gives this stone the beautiful blushing peach coloring that we simply adore.

One tumbled piece of Peach Moonstone

Peach Moonstone can be found in many places around the world such as Brazil, Madagascar, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Norway, Tanzania and the United States. As you can see, this stone is fairly evenly spread across the globe, and that is probably why it has been treasured by so many different cultures throughout history.

It’s said that the Romans had the belief that Peach Moonstone was made from moon rays that became solid when they hit the earth. With this beautiful meaning in mind, the Romans used this stone set into jewelry to bring about fertility and protection during childbirth.

In India, newlyweds will often receive some form of Peach Moonstone as a crystal for love, commitment, and fertility. Peach Moonstone was also highly prized by the ancient Celts and cultures of the Far East for its inspiring meaning and properties.

Peach Moonstone Meaning

Peach Moonstone has developed many meanings throughout the ages. Known as “Dream Stone”, “Stone Of New Beginnings”, “Traveler’s Stone” and “Stone Of Sudden Inspiration”, Peach Moonstone has the ability to touch many aspects of your life.

The meaning of Peach Moonstone is all about acceptance, goodness, creativity, and loving energy. It’s also known for igniting a passion for what really makes you happy, and it can give you the courage to pursue dreams that may have been long given up. For anyone who has the fortune to tap into this energy, Peach Moonstone can really become a “Stone Of New Beginnings.”

Due to its strong connection to the moon, Peach Moonstone is primarily known as a women’s stone. It’s absolutely bursting with feminine energy and its various healing properties can foster goodness, acceptance of situations, and self-love. Peach Moonstone is also great for supporting fertility, creating calmness and helping the user face transition and change with a courageous and open heart.

Many practitioners like to take this gorgeous stone along with you when you travel. Stick it in a glove compartment, carry-on or backpack. In the olden times, Peach Moonstone would be worn as a crystal for protection during travel. It’s thought to offer the strongest protection during night travel, or when there is a lot of moonlight.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Using crystals for healing is a very old form of natural medicine. From ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt to the Greeks and Romans, people have utilized the power of healing crystals.

Some crystals have been prized for their ability to provide protection, grounding, creativity or intuition. The healing properties of Peach Moonstone have been used time and again for their amazing capacity to inspire love, acceptance, calmness, and passion.

Peach Moonstone’s healing properties have also made it a popular option for those looking to heal female health issues, promote fertility and provide protection during pregnancy and childbirth.

This crystal offers such a wide range of spiritual, physical, emotional and metaphysical benefits, that we feel that it’s one that every spiritual seeker should have in their toolkit.

Whether it’s worn in a piece of jewelry or talisman, used in feng shui or carried in a pocket or purse, Peach Moonstone is a healing crystal that you will want to always have close by.


Let’s face it. Life can be pretty rough sometimes, and it can be hard to know how to handle all of the emotional upheavals that get thrown at us. This is where the beauty of Peach Moonstone’s healing properties come in.

It’s thought that using Peach Moonstone can help you to keep a calm head in stressful situations. By bringing your emotions under a stronger will, you will gain greater control over your emotions and the way you view certain situations.

People who use Peach Moonstone on a regular basis often find themselves becoming more open to a world of possibilities. Dreams that once seemed impossible will appear to be more attainable and within reach. Use Peach Moonstone to bring out your greatest inner potential. 

The soothing and healing vibrations of this crystal are perfectly suited for anyone who is suffering from depression, anxiety, sadness or excessive anger. Peach Moonstone can provide the insight you need to see things from a much brighter point of view, so you’ll be able to handle situations with greater patience and self-love.

Peach Moonstone, a stone that is all about harmony, often helps women deal with feelings of aggression, and men can use this crystal to get in touch with their more gentle side.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that children can benefit from the healing that crystals bring. For children who are extra sensitive or very intuitive, Peach Moonstone can be the gentle support they need to handle emotions that may be difficult for them to understand. Slip it into their school bags or place it in their bedroom. 


For spiritual nourishment and enrichment, nothing beats Peach Moonstone. The healing properties of this crystal are known to help the user connect to the feminine energy of the moon, thereby opening up possibilities of love, sensuality, and better relationships.

Peach Moonstone has been used for centuries to activate the Kundalini serpent. This is known to help you access levels of tantric powers you never thought possible. You’ll feel empowered to explore love, relationships, and healthy sexual connection.

Using this stone can really jack-up your sense of intuition and clairvoyance, and Peach Moonstone can even help in matters of radionic analysis. It may also help you to feel the Divine spirit in all situations, even the more unpleasant ones. This will make it easier to connect your personal will to that of the Divine will.


As mentioned earlier, the meaning and properties of Peach Moonstone are very strongly connected to feminine energy and the moon. For this reason, healers have been using Peach Moonstone to treat female issues since ancient times.

Peach Moonstone is thought to help as a crystal for fertility, ease pregnancy and labor, soothe menstrual problems and decrease fluid retention. For women who are experiencing the results of a hormonal imbalance, this stone is known to bring their hormones back to healthier levels.

This crystal is also useful for the healing of non-female health problems. Give Peach Moonstone a try if you need to strengthen your immune system, if you are having any type of digestive symptoms, or if you are experiencing problems with your skin or eyes. Peach Moonstone has even been acclaimed as an anti-aging crystal.

We would like to mention here that using Peach Moonstone or any other crystal for physical healing should ideally be done under the supervision of a knowledgeable and experienced natural practitioner.

Metaphysical Properties

Peach Moonstone is a great choice for anyone who is serious about taking their chakra work to the next level. The metaphysical properties of Peach Moonstone are thought to provide a pathway to removing negative energy and blockages from all of your chakras.

While this crystal has the ability to vibrate with each chakra, Peach Moonstone seems to have a particular connection to the crown, heart, sacral, and solar plexus chakras

Six polished Peach Moonstones

Use Peach Moonstone to initiate an open flow between your heart and solar plexus chakras. Making this connection can be very beneficial because you will be given the opportunity to create a sense of harmony between loving feelings (heart chakra) and your sense of personal will (solar plexus chakra). 

When you use Peach Moonstone to do sacral chakra work, you will be helping yourself to grow, feel more confident and deal more easily with life’s changes. It can also help you to deal with issues concerning sensuality, desire, and deep emotions. 

Peach Moonstone is also known to bring harmony between the heart and sacral chakras. Balancing the loving heart chakra with the more sensual, sexually driven sacral chakra is important for creating happier, more trusting relationships.

We like Peach Moonstone for third-chakra work as well. Meditating with this crystal will bring about a greater connection to the Feminine Divine and other higher beings.

Meditating with Peach Moonstone gives us a chance to delve deeply into the subconscious to discover and eliminate emotional patterns and negative habits that have become stumbling blocks to forward progress. Have faith in its meaning and allow these bad habits to fall away.

How To Use It

We think that you are going to love Peach Moonstone for the many benefits it can bring to your daily spiritual practice. We are going to mention a few common ways that we recommend using this stone, but you may come up with a few yourself. It’s alright to be creative, and it’s also fine to experiment with all of the different methods. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to take advantage of the properties and meaning of Peach Moonstone. 

One common way to use Peach Moonstone is in jewelry. This gorgeous peach-colored stone is simply beautiful when set into a necklace, pendant or bracelet. If you decide to wear a Peach Moonstone bracelet, wear it on your left wrist if you’re looking for a crystal for creativity, and wear it on the right wrist to help you achieve healthy communication with others.

If you would like to stimulate your third eye chakra, then we suggest wearing Peach Moonstone in a pair of earrings. 

These days, you can find some very beautiful and unique sculptures made from Peach Moonstone, especially in the shape of an obelisk, sphere or heart. This is a wonderful way to reap the healing benefits of Peach Moonstone while creating a space of beauty and creative energy.

Another way to use Peach Moonstone is to carry it in your pocket or in a purse. This keeps it close by and handy when you need it. Many people find that gently rubbing this crystal in times of stress or uncertainty can be very soothing.

Pair Peach Moonstone with other stones for even more healing power. Good pairing options include Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli or Merlinite.

For parents with children who have problems with sleeping, Peach Moonstone is going to become an important part of the nighttime routine. The healing properties of this soothing stone can help with sleep issues such as nightmares, sleepwalking or difficulty staying asleep. Place the stone under the child’s pillow or on a bedside table for the best results.

Peach Moonstone is prized by practitioners of feng shui for its ability to promote creativity, bring about healthy relationships and help with feminine issues. This stone can be placed in Kun and Dui areas of the home or office.

Zodiac Connection

Although anyone can benefit from using Peach Moonstone in their daily spiritual practice, this loving, feminine crystal seems to have an extra resonance with the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Libra, Cancer, and Pisces.

One of Peach Moonstone’s elements is water, and this makes it a great match for the water sign of Pisces. The meaning and gentle energy of this crystal can help a Pisces eliminate negativity, enhance their creative spirit and help them to face life’s challenges and changes with courage.

We feel that Peach Moonstone is an excellent choice for anyone born under the sign of Cancer because of their shared connection to femininity. As we discussed earlier, Peach Moonstone is often used by practitioners to focus on things like fertility, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, and menstrual problems. The sign of Cancer rules the breasts, among other things, so it just pairs perfectly with the woman-oriented Peach Moonstone.

How can Libras or Scorpios benefit from Peach Moonstone? This potent crystal is thought by many to help Libras increase their intuition, clarity, and connection to the Divine. 

If you’re a Scorpio struggling with a strong will, let Peach Moonstone help you to submit your personal will to the will of a higher power.

Closing Thoughts

Peach Moonstone not only has a wonderful meaning, but its healing properties can bring about numerous benefits to anyone who gives it a try. This has been one of our favorite stones for years, and we plan to keep using it regularly.

We hope you found this guide helpful and feel inspired to try out Peach Moonstone for yourself. If you have any questions or feedback, you can always ask!

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