Elestial Quartz: Meaning, Properties & How To Use It

Elestial Quartz is a fascinating crystal that can provide a number of interesting benefits to whoever uses it. Known for the deep spiritual connections it can facilitate, this stone is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to gain a great sense of appreciation and wisdom in this area of life.

This guide will go over the meaning and properties of Elestial Quartz. There’s a lot to go over, so let’s get started!

One piece of Elestial Quartz

History & Overview

Elestial Quartz is a rare crystal that’s said to exude etheric energy. Interestingly enough, this stone looks similar to others you may have seen before (until you look closer).

As a Quartz crystal, it has a similar chemical composition to many stones in the crystal healing scene. However, this one is sporting some unique crystal formations that give it a distinct appearance.

It’s a multi-layered Quartz crystal that features small terminated formations all over. Not only does this create a unique sheen, but it also manipulates light to create a spectrum of dancing colors.

Elestial Quartz comes in many variants. You can find Clear Elestial Quartz, Elestial Rose Quartz, Fenster Quartz, and Amethyst Elestials. As you can guess, these variants have different base colors. However, each hue is muted to give off a subtle twinkle of intensity.

Smoky Elestial Quartz is the most widespread. Like regular Smoky Quartz, it features mysterious wisps of deep gray and black amid a clear base. The only difference here is the signature Elestial terminated formations.

As a whole, Elestial Quartz is quite rare. Most of the samples you’ll come across hail from Minas Gratis in Brazil. Smaller mines in Romania, Madagascar, Tibet, and Africa supply the demand as well.

Those who are lucky enough to get their hands on Elestial Quartz have Divine power at their disposal. The properties of this crystal make it quite powerful, helping you form connections with otherworldly beings while here on Earth.

Elestial Quartz Meaning

This crystal’s meaning is in its name. The common title is inspired by the word “Celestial.” In other words, the core Elestial Quartz meaning is related to spirituality and heavenly beauty. 

It also goes by the nickname of “Window Quartz,” which many argue represents its meaning even better!

Elestial Quartz acts as a window to the spiritual world. Healers say it’s a gateway to etheric realms that encourages exploration, wisdom, and enlightenment.

Its meaning and properties can help link your conscious body to the spiritual mind of the universe. Tapping into that cosmic energy source facilitates soul-searching and universal harmony. All the while, the stone’s healing energy grants a shield of protection to help you complete your sojourn and find peace.

Healing Properties & Benefits

It doesn’t take an expert crystal healing practitioner to realize that Elestial Quartz has a lot going for it. While it has a similar energy profile to other spiritually connected crystals, Elestial Quartz has plenty of unique healing properties to offer as well.

Whether you’re seeking peace or spiritual guidance, here are some ways that this cosmic crystal can change your life.


When it comes to its emotional healing properties, Elestial Quartz likes to dig deep. While it can certainly take care of surface-level issues, the key to finding peace is to address long-suppressed emotions.

Even if you haven’t thought about past traumas in years, they can still affect your day-to-day. Old memories can creep up when you least expect it. Meanwhile, painful experiences can create dark energy that affects your subconscious in a myriad of ways.

A shiny Elestial Quartz crystal

Elestial Quartz aims to wipe the slate clean and help you move past the clutches of trauma. It doesn’t force you to forget the challenges you’ve faced in your life. Instead, it gives you the strength to learn from them and move forward with your life.

Of course, Elestial Quartz works to support your emotional health no matter what obstacles you come across. Its meaning encourages you to find solace in the people and places around you. You can learn how to recognize and nurture the relationships that matter most. All the while, you can discover peace in places you never knew existed!

Elestial Quartz works to eliminate fear and facilitate personal growth. It’s the ultimate maturity crystal that can help you become the person you were always destined to be.


Spiritual exploration is where Elestial Quartz shines most. It’s said to pulsate with vibrant energy you can’t help but feel whenever it’s in your presence.

Not only do the properties of this crystal push you to reach beyond the confines of your spirituality to discover as much as you can, but its meaning helps you find peace.

In moments of distress, you can use Elestial Quartz to clear your mind. It unlocks internal dialogue that works to unleash karmic energy and achieve equilibrium across the cosmos.

As mentioned earlier, this stone helps you connect with higher realms that are beyond our Earthly understanding. It’s sometimes used as a love crystal due to its ability to invite light and love into your life. All the while, it lets you tap into a well of Divine Energy that no other stone can replicate.

Become a part of the universal consciousness and find peace in everything you do. Spiritual health is difficult to nail down and improve. But stones like Elestial Quartz actively work to clear your mind and push you toward nirvana.

It snaps the ropes that bind you to your physical body, allowing you to search the corners of the universe for the answers you seek. Whether you’re looking to eliminate unwanted karma from your ancestors or you seek pure spiritual bliss, Elestial Quartz can help you get there.


Elestial Quartz is said to help you achieve oneness with your physical body. Despite its focus on spirituality and emotional health, many practitioners say it also has a profound impact that reaches across metaphysical boundaries to influence your Earthly vessel.

According to these crystal healers, Elestial Quartz can address a wide range of physical wounds. They say the healing properties of this stone can penetrate deep to alleviate pain and promote healing. Some say that taking advantage of those benefits is as simple as placing a crystal directly on the wound.

Elestial Quartz is thought to promote better health internally as well. Your musculoskeletal system is said to have the most to gain.

Practitioners believe that meditation with this vibrant crystal can strengthen your bones, alleviate joint pain, and eliminate stubborn muscle aches.

Some say it also improves brain tissue, which is why it’s also a popular crystal for focus.

Metaphysical Properties

Elestial Quartz is one of only a small collection of healing crystals that can positively impact your entire metaphysical body.

Usually, stones only influence one or two energy points. However, this mysterious crystal works to align them all! Its metaphysical properties address kinks in the energy pathways to ensure that your body can achieve true auric harmony.

Of course, Elestial Quartz does resonate more with a couple of critical points.

The first is the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is linked to your perception, powers of intuition, and spiritual connectedness. Healers say that blockages result in waning life momentum.

People say they become stagnant and complacent, losing all will to move forward in life. Not only that, but it may lead to difficulties connecting to your spirituality.

Elestial Quartz’s natural universal reciprocity makes the connection to this chakra a natural one. It keeps the lines of communication open while pushing you to think clearly at all times.

A practitioner holding Elestial Quartz

This crystal also influences your earth star chakra. This is a lesser-known energy point that’s located below your body. It’s even lower than the first primary chakra, the root chakra.

This metaphysical location is like an invisible tether that keeps you connected to Mother Earth. It’s responsible for your connection to both Earthy energy and universal energy. No matter where your adventures take you, this chakra makes sure that you’re always connected to the resources you need to feel safe, stabilized, and certain of yourself.

Ways To Use Elestial Quartz

There’s no “right” way to use Elestial Quartz. Like most healing crystals in your collection, it’s versatile enough to adapt to your lifestyle.

Those who participate in meditation can use Elestial Quartz in profound ways. It’s said to help you effortlessly slip into a state of relaxation. There, you can get lost in thought and focus on the spiritual healing you desire (which is where its meaning shines the most).

You can also place it onto chakra points or utilize it as part of a grid. Either way, the potent energy field will penetrate your body to bring love and light into your life.

Of course, jewelry and pocket-sized polished stones are available as well. Wearing jewelry is a great way to keep Elestial Quartz in your auric field throughout the day. It can continue imbuing you with energy.

This crystal also works well as an ornament or decorative detail. Place it in any room that you use frequently. No matter where you put it, the healing properties of this crystal will encourage everyone in the vicinity to reach higher and find their purpose.

Elestial Quartz is a fantastic sleeping tool as well. Not only does it help you fall into a deep slumber, but it can help protect you from nightmares. Place it under your pillow and relish in the peace it brings.

Stones To Combine With It

There’s no shortage of crystal combinations to try out. Elestial Quartz is known for being quite versatile! Because it’s a member of the Quartz family, it can amplify energy frequencies to help you achieve the most impactful healing session possible.

Pair that with the ability to mix and match energies, and you have a genuinely versatile crystal to add to your healing toolkit.

Elestial Quartz pairs well with stones that have similar wavelengths and purposes. You can use your knowledge of crystal healing to your advantage to find the perfect combination for you.

If you’re looking for heart-based healing, try using Elestial Quartz alongside Pink Petalite or Green Datolite. You can also use Moldavite or Pink Danburite. These stones all have a love-focused meaning, which may encourage you to improve relationships and change the way you communicate with loved ones.

Those seeking spiritual growth and maturity have a lot of options. Consider pairing Elestial Quartz with Nirvana Quartz, Apophyllite, Scolecite, Bertrandite, or Herkimer Diamond. Stones like Angelite, Angel Phantom Quartz, Angel Aura Quartz, and Celestite work well, too.

They all have a pre-existing connection to the cosmos. Pairing them with a powerful stone like Elestial Quartz will only make that bond stronger.

As a whole, Elestial Quartz is a pretty high-energy crystal. While its properties can be overwhelming for some, others will savor the feeling it brings. If you want to boost the potency of Elestial Quartz even more, you can use it alongside Natrolite, Brookite, Phenacite, Diaspore, and Herderite.

Zodiac Connection

Everyone can benefit from the healing powers of Elestial Quartz. It doesn’t belong to any zodiac sign or birth month. The spiritually-focused energy appeals to all humans regardless of the conditions of their birth.

All that said, healers tend to recommend Elestial Quartz to a few zodiac signs in particular.

The crystal tends to resonate most with deeply spiritual signs like Capricorn and Saggitarius. Both signs already have a connection with the universe and Divine energy. The energy from Elestial Quartz only strengthens that bond and complements the way these signs think.

Elestial Quartz can also help people who can benefit from a bit of emotional growth. Scorpios are known to be closed-off and slightly aggressive to those who slight them. They hold grudges like no other, which only serves to stunt their emotional maturity.

This crystal can help Scorpios move past those grudges and learn to forgive.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re familiar with the properties and meaning of Elestial Quartz, it’s time to decide if it’s the right crystal for you. For anyone who wants to take the spiritual side of their life more seriously, it’s a must. But if you’re looking for more light and love we highly recommend it as well!

Let us know if you have any questions or stories to share about this amazing stone. We’re always happy to hear from fellow crystal healing practitioners!