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Angel Aura Quartz: Meaning, Properties & Use

Angel Aura Quartz was one of the first crystals I had a personal experience with. This is quite common, and I was transformed by my constant exposure to it (like many others).

This stone is incredibly interesting due to the origin and impact it can have on your life. While the creation might seem a bit artificial at first, you need to truly give this crystal a chance.

Angel Aura Quartz has a very interesting meaning and a number of powerful properties that can help you find peace and release negative energy that can slowly grow inside you. Who doesn’t want that?

This is an amazing crystal that can benefit anyone who is ready to give it a chance. Because of the broad properties it possesses, we find ourselves recommending it often!

History & Overview

Also known as the Opal Aura, Pearl Aura, and Rainbow Aura Quartz, this beautiful crystal has an ethereal look you can’t help but appreciate. Its gorgeous iridescent luster reflects every shade of the color spectrum. Meanwhile, the subtle silver shimmer provides an otherworldly radiance that’s pretty hypnotic to look at!

The Angel Aura Quartz crystal

Believe it or not, Angel Aura Quartz is not a naturally occurring stone. While many healers prefer to use stones and crystals that spent eons forming, this one is an exception.

Angel Aura Quartz is a byproduct of industrial manufacturing. Its formation is no mistake, but rather a precise process that involves combining natural crystal with precious metal.

For this stone, the natural crystal of choice is quartz. To give the stone its unique finish, the crystal undergoes a process called Chemical Vapor Deposition, or CVD for short. A result of decades of aerospace experimentation, CVD involves extreme heat and a vacuum chamber.

If this sounds a bit too technical to yield a stone with natural energies, I thought so at first too. However, my experience with this crystal definitely changed my mind.

In the vacuum chamber, the crystal is superheated to 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit. Fine metal shavings, in this case platinum and silver, are added to the mix. In an instant, those shavings vaporize and cling to the crystal, resulting in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Angel Aura Quartz!

Manufactured crystals and stones are nothing new. However, Angel Aura Quartz properties are said to combine the resonance and healing potential of both the base crystal and precious metal into one.

Angel Aura Quartz Meaning

The meaning behind Angel Aura Quartz is all about inner peace and unveiling the bonds you have with yourself and those around you.

The crystal is named after the fragile grace of angel wings. Thus, many seek out Angel Aura Quartz in order to form a connection with the Angelic Realm.

This connection to a higher power is said to bring you greater peace in many facets of your daily life; all while offering protection and purifying balance.

When using Angel Aura Quartz I felt strong, comforted, and secure.

In healing circles, this stone is known as the Crystal of New Horizons and Divine Connection. The thought is that it can connect you to a higher cosmic realm, grounding the information you receive to your physical body while benefiting you on a spiritual and metaphysical level.

Healing Properties & Benefits

This crystal is considered to be so much more than just a pretty face. Despite its hard and sharp edges, the stone is said to translate to a bevy of graceful healing benefits.

The Angel Aura Quartz is much different than natural stones. Because it combines two healing elements into one, it is believed to have even more properties than your average crystal (which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular).

Here are some of the benefits that people seek from this crystal:


Angel Aura Quartz is brimming with strong vibrational energy. Not only are you getting the energy from the base quartz, but platinum and silver are said to have exceptional high vibrational energy, too. The intention behind combining these elements into one stone is to create a strong aura of energy that may benefit you on a physical level.

Woman holding Angel Aura Quartz and enjoying the properties it contains

While it’s primarily used for its metaphysical and emotional properties, healers say that physical advantages are a positive byproduct many can utilize.

The cosmic connection Angel Aura Quartz has with the Angelic Realm is said to release harmful energies and seal your auric field. As a result, some users experience an overall boost in physical vitality! Healers and meditators believe that having this stone in your presence can regenerate your body from within, resulting in increased awareness, more energy, and overall better health.

It’s also said to improve the immune system and boost the function of several organs throughout the body. Many seek out this crystal for the sake of aligning the chakras, allowing energy to flow more freely. By purifying and centering your chakra, Angel Aura Quartz is thought to help with many acute issues, too.

Some even say that it has the potential to provide a bit of relief from morning sickness as well as improvements to the digestive system. Others swear by its positive healing properties and enjoy improvements in many other areas as well.


When it comes to emotional healing properties, Angel Aura Quartz is one of the most popular stones to use. It’s said to have a lasting impact that can bring positive change to many different facets of life. When you ask metaphysical healers why this is, they’ll tell you that it all comes down to rejuvenation.

We’ll get into the spiritual benefits soon, but the power of Angel Aura Quartz is said to largely come from its ability to purge your body of negative energy (which is why it’s a great crystal for empaths). When all that pent-up energy is gone, that’s when you’re finally able to truly heal. Whether you’re harboring feelings of resentment, fear, or stress, the crystal can address those concerns.

Not only that, but healers say that the crystal can resonate even stronger in times of need. The reason for this is that it reacts to the energies you’re giving off, responding to help you feel more grounded, rational, and calm.

When this happens, you’re going to be able to experience a wide range of emotional benefits that vary based on the situation you’re facing!

Overall, this stone is said to provide lasting peace, which can help you retain that balance you’ve lost (which is all too common in life). This fascinating crystal also helps to promote forgiveness, allowing you to heal emotional traumas and finally get the peace you’re after.

Many individuals also turn to this crystal with the goal of enhancing the ability to communicate with others. This stone is known for its ability to work on the throat chakra. When used there, Angel Aura Quartz can help you express your feelings and thoughts in a more kind and loving manner.

As a result, this will likely help to improve the bonds you have with others around you. Those stronger emotional connections will typically be followed by better relationships overall. Whether it’s romantic, familial, or simple friendships, the ability Angel Aura Quartz has to improve the way you connect with others can have a lasting positive impact on your life.


As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why individuals seek out Angel Aura Quartz is to help gain access to the Angelic Realm. It’s said to create a deep state of meditative awareness that strengthens and seals the aura. When this happens, you will likely feel more rejuvenated on a spiritual level, which will obviously affect your life in a number of meaningful ways!

Many believe that the reason the stone grants peace and tranquility is because you’re receiving assistance from your very own angel guide. This elevated state of consciousness is thought to remove toxicity from your very being, making your spiritual purpose clearer than ever before!

But this can be connected to a number of more noticeable benefits as well.

Healers love Angel Aura Quartz because it has the ability to remind you of just how essential your life really is! This stone will remind you of your importance, giving you the strength to overcome challenges and grow stronger.

Some even say that Angel Aura Quartz is the activator of brilliance! With the newfound sense of purpose it reportedly provides, many say this crystal can hone your creativity and intelligence.

The catalyst here is that it will make you more attuned to your surroundings and the feelings of people in your life. Thus, you will experience a new sense of drive that pushes you to address things you want to improve!

Angel Aura Quartz is also capable of making you more passionate, considerate of your actions, and more. When it comes to relationships, the sense of purpose it creates can help foster more harmonious and productive relationships with people. On the work and creative front, it will birth new ideas that can attract wealth and success as well.

Metaphysical Properties

Angel Aura Quartz is nothing new to the world of metaphysical healing. Crystal therapists around the world are drawn to this stone and use it regularly for the purpose of experiencing the long list of benefits that are tied to it.

The Angel Aura Quartz gemstone

The stone is often used for the purpose of bringing the light body into the physical dimension, resulting in spiritual growth.

Metaphysical healers say that the stone’s iridescent sheen gives you that spiritual access to otherworldly realms. Meanwhile, the vibrational energy from the coating process is capable of strengthening the aura.

For many, this is a powerful combination that cleanses the chakras and gives you the strength to release energy that no longer serves you. There’s a strong belief that this release of negative energy is the answer to true enlightenment and rejuvenation.

Energy is the fuel of life, and can lead to incredible things when directed properly. But when it’s locked away without a direction, that can lead to a number of issues.

Rather than focusing on the things that hold you back, using Angel Aura Quartz can give you the power to find balance and move forward.

How To Use It

One of the most common uses of Angel Aura Quartz is to incorporate it into your meditation practice. You can either meditate with your crystal nearby, or peer into the stone throughout your session to feel the calming influence it will have on your mental state.

You can also take advantage of the properties of Angel Aura Quartz by engaging in manifestation and visualization practices while the crystal is close.

Many also choose to bring this stone around with them on a daily basis. Whether it be through jewelry or something simpler, the presence of this crystal will help soothe you and cleanse your mind of negative thoughts that crop up throughout the day.

This is a powerful stone, so you only need a small piece with you throughout the day.

Zodiac Connection

The Angel Aura Quartz crystal is an ideal match for Aries. Like other fire signs, Aries is said to be incredibly motivated. They are relentlessly determined to achieve their goals.

However, life’s obstacles may prevent Aries from making it to the finish line and finding true happiness. Fiercely devoted to their cause, many say that Aries have a hard time moving forward when things do not end up how one envisioned them. That negative energy takes over, putting many in a hapless rut!

To combat this, Angel Aura Quartz is said to imbue Aries with pure positive energy. It can help give Aries the strength to move past all of life’s hurdles so that they can continue on the path of growth and development. The cleansing abilities of this stone are also perfect for Aries, as it can counteract their supposed ingrained traits to help them achieve their dreams.

Closing Thoughts

Angel Aura Quartz has an incredibly powerful meaning and a number of interesting benefits and properties. The creation of this crystal might not seem natural at first, but the energy it possesses is amazing!

I’ve been a fan of this stone for quite a while, and plan on continuing to use it and recommend it to my friends and family. The power of leaving negative energy behind can unlock such a fantastic sense of freedom in your life, and that’s what makes Angel Aura Quartz so great.

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