Blue Onyx 101: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Blue Onyx is a wonderful stone with powerful healing properties and an inspiring meaning. But despite this, it’s often overlooked in favor of other healing crystals.

This guide will go into everything you need to know about the benefits of Blue Onyx, and why this is a stone you should take seriously.

History & Overview

Blue Onyx is a beautiful stone filled with eye-catching hues that match the ocean’s waves. Contrasting shades of blue create a captivating look you can’t help but appreciate.

That said, this stone’s beauty is only partially the product of Mother Nature. Blue Onyx features alternating bands of the Chalcedony. It looks very similar to Agate, but the bands are parallel rather than curved. That part is all-natural. 

A piece of Blue Onyx

However, Blue Onyx goes through a dyeing process to achieve the signature color stone-collectors love. Rich pigment saturates the Chalcedony layers, putting the contrasting details on full display!

Despite this human intervention, Blue Onyx has a rich history and inspiring meaning. It’s a popular stone in many cultures due to its innate beauty. Finding Blue Onyx jewelry is not a problem. In terms of popularity, it’s up there with other vibrant stones like Turquoise and Amethyst.

Most of the Blue Onyx on the market today comes from the United States, Brazil, Uruguay, and India. It’s pretty abundant, so the stone is easy to procure and won’t cost you a fortune.

That’s a good thing, as many people turn to Blue Onyx for its healing properties. Also known as the “sobriety stone,” Blue Onyx is a favorite among shamans and spiritual healers. It exudes healing energy and acts as a talisman against black magic to keep you safe.

Some say that its most profound effect is changing your mental power. More than just a pretty face, Blue Onyx can even have a life-changing impact on the way you think.

Blue Onyx Meaning

Like most stones in a healer’s arsenal, Blue Onyx is multi-faceted. It holds many meanings, and its powers are complex. 

That said, most crystal enthusiasts agree that the overall energy profile and meaning associated with Blue Onyx centers around increased mental power. This stone is about improving your ability to fight back against the dark energy that wants to infiltrate your heart and mind. It grants you the power to overcome challenges and become the best version of yourself.

Blue Onyx is a strength-giving stone through and through. Many say that its properties help you overcome mental weakness. Its exact impact can vary based on the particular issue you’re working to overcome.

There’s a reason why the stone has the nickname “sobriety stone.” According to many spiritual healers, addiction is nothing more than mental weakness and an inability to control negative impulses. The vibrational energy that flows from Blue Onyx strengthens your willpower and gives you the tools to overcome those disorders.

Not only does it help control negative thoughts, but it can also encourage you to be more self-aware. You can learn how you react to certain situations and find solutions that work at the moment. That alone is a power that can get you out of many sticky situations.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Many crystal enthusiasts seek out the healing properties and energy that flows freely out of Blue Onyx, affecting your aura to the core. The effects of this stone are profound, putting you on a path to better mental health, positive habits, and overall fulfilling life.

Here are some of the most common benefits that Blue Onyx can bring into your life.


The biggest change you might feel by introducing Blue Onyx into your life will come from better emotional health. Your mental well-being can affect every aspect of your existence! From your love life to your career, you can’t expect to reach your full potential if you’re not in the right mind space.

Luckily, Blue Onyx can do a lot to help you change your perspective. This stone increases mental power and gives you more control over responding to certain situations. Instead of letting your emotions take over, you can approach life’s challenges with more patience and understanding.

This stone is about finding stability. It’s alright to get upset and feel sadness from time to time. But you can’t let those emotions take over your entire being. That’s when dark energy infiltrates your heart, mind, and soul.

You have to strike a balance and learn when to fight back against an onslaught of negativity. Whether that involves cutting people out of your life or removing yourself from potentially toxic situations, the impact of self-control can make a world of difference!

As mentioned earlier, Blue Onyx is a great crystal for protection. But when you’re already dealing with bad vibes, you can use it to cleanse your mind and start anew. This crystal for stress and anxiety can encourage you to leave worries behind.

Some say that the healing properties of this stone also increase focus and empower you to concentrate more on what matters most in your life. Pair that with the naturally stabilizing feel you get when it’s in your presence, and you have a stone that’s ripe for positive long-term emotional health.


Blue Onyx isn’t as spiritually connected as other stones out there, but it still plays a vital role in spiritual healing. Many say that this brings you closer to your divine beliefs, bolstering your journey to enlightenment.

Spirituality doesn’t have to revolve around a specific religion or belief system. Blue Onyx certainly supports those endeavors and strengthens your spiritual resilience against the face of doubt. However, the stone’s energy focuses more on the grand picture of your spiritual adventure.

Blue Onyx is about helping you find wisdom and encouraging you to embrace the unseen. It does this by pushing you to accept protection and guidance from your unseen guardians.

Some people are naturally hesitant to receive divine guidance and security. But when you finally do, you can move forward in life with the knowledge that your destiny is in the hands of higher realms.

It brings you more peace and pushes you to go beyond the limits you’re used to. Without having to worry about external dangers, you can freely explore the reaches of your spirituality without anything holding you back.

Blue Onyx facilitates that journey, pushing you further and further out of your spiritual comfort zone to face challenges that help you grow as a person. Life’s a constant uphill battle with yourself. Overcoming the hurdles lets you evolve and reach a state of spiritual bliss you never knew you could achieve.


Spiritual and emotional healing is what Blue Onyx is known for most. However, some healers say that its many benefits extend to your physical body as well.

Some seek out Blue Onyx’s energy and healing properties to benefit the teeth and bone marrow. The theory is that it strengthens the most resilient parts of your body, saving you from accidental damage and vulnerable points.

Some even use it with the intention of improving blood disorders. Those suffering from circulation issues might be able to find the relief they need. According to some healers, Blue Onyx’s energy resonates with the circulatory system to relieve distant extremities like the feet and toes.

Internally, Blue Onyx might improve conditions like glaucoma, cell damage, and stomach ulcers. The stone is often used to help with ailments related to stress. Because it works to improve your mind, the physical symptoms of stress might go away.

For example, you might notice your skin clearing up and your hair becoming more lustrous. Some even say that they sleep better!

As a whole, some say that Blue Onyx gives you more strength and vigor. It’s not just mental aptitude here. This stone has the potential to improve stamina, enhance physical strength, and help you achieve peak physical fitness.

Metaphysical Properties

Blue Onyx is a great overall healer that many say can improve your mental and spiritual well-being. However, metaphysical healers say it goes one step further by addressing your chakras.

This is a stone that can have broader effects on your metaphysical plane. It can help address energy imbalances to promote harmony across your entire aura.

That said, most healers agree that its influence is strongest on the throat chakra. Also known as Vishuddha, the throat chakra is the fifth of your seven primary chakras. It’s responsible for your communication and self-expression.

Most people don’t realize this, but how you communicate with others can profoundly impact your mental well-being. Think about the moments when you couldn’t be your authentic self. Instead of speaking your truth, you had to hide behind the disguise of fear.

It’s an unhealthy way of living. Everyone should have the freedom to speak their truths and live honestly. When you can’t, the throat chakra becomes more and more blocked. That results in anxiety, difficulty expressing your thoughts, and an overall hesitation to be honest.

Using Blue Onyx during meditation can keep the throat chakra open, ensuring that life force energy is free to flow.

How To Use It

There are tons of ways to use Blue Onyx. Like most stones in the crystal kingdom, Blue Onyx is surprisingly versatile. Use it in a way that complements your lifestyle, and you can reap its rewards on your terms.

The goal is to keep the stone as close to your auric field as you can. When you revel in its healing properties, you experience protection from grief and pain. The existing troubles you’re going through seemingly melt away as new problems bounce off you like nothing.

It’s important to remember that Blue Onyx effectively eliminates dark energy. Having it near your aura throughout the day ensures that no one can put a dent in your circle of happiness!

So how can you stay within the stone’s vibrational orbit? The go-to for most is to wear it as jewelry. Blue Onyx is a favorite among artists. It’s versatile enough to work in necklaces, bracelets, amulets, and more.

Alternatively, you can keep a small cut in your pocket or bag. Even in a simple stone form, the vibrational energy penetrates your aura to bring peace and happiness. Whenever you need a bit of extra healing energy, hold it in your hand and harness the stone’s power.

Many say that loose rocks are great for positive decision-making. In those challenging moments, the stone provides counsel and helps you make a rational decision on the spot.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate Blue Onyx into your meditation routine if you prefer more direct healing. Hold it in your hand and place it on your throat chakra. Let the energy penetrate your body and heal your mind while you reflect on its meaning.

Stone Combinations

Want to take full advantage of what Blue Onyx has to offer? It works well on its own, but this healing stone also plays nicely with others.

Combining Blue Onyx with other healing crystals and stones can help you create an auric cocktail of peace and tranquility. What you use with this stone can dictate the types of benefits you might encounter.

One of the best pairings you should try is Blue Onyx and Amethyst. The purple crystal lets you attract positivity from the cosmos. Together with Blue Onyx, Amethyst encourages you to let go of unhealthy attachments and deflect negative energy.

Believe it or not, yellow-colored stones work well with Blue Onyx. Yellow Apatite and Sunstone, in particular, are worthy of combining with the “sobriety stone.”

Yellow is all about positivity, and these two stones are dripping in warm energy. They promote positive assertiveness and can do wonders to improve mental clarity.

When you want to get targeted benefits, try combining Blue Onyx with:

Zincite helps with manifestation and enhancing creativity. With Blue Onyx, Zincite can help you unlock new skills and reach your full potential. It’s also great for boosting productivity and seeking new opportunities that you previously thought were unreachable.

Fire Agate is about shielding you from negative energy. Its benefits are quite similar to Blue Onyx, so combining the two can have a profound effect on your life. The difference is that Fire Agate brings strong protection and revitalizing energy.

Brown Tourmaline is one of the best grounding stones. It helps you feel stable in life and encourages you to dispel negativity. With the properties of Blue Onyx, Brown Tourmaline becomes a tool for strengthening your self-esteem and adopting a more creative outlook in challenging situations.

Finally, you can experiment by pairing Blue Onyx with some stones that work on your solar plexus chakra. Good options include Hematite, Orange Carnelian, Iron Pyrite, Pietersite, and more. 

The solar plexus chakra is your well of personal power. While separate energy points to your throat chakra, the two rely on each other to stay balanced. Combining Blue Onyx with a solar plexus stone can create the balance you need. 


No matter what form it comes in, cleansing your Blue Onyx is a must. This stone is on the receiving end of dark energy. It’s somewhat self-sacrificial, taking on the burden of darkness so that you don’t have to harbor it inside your heart and mind.

Over time, it becomes bogged down. The effects become less noticeable before they eventually become a husk of empty energy.

Cleansing brings the stone back to life, ensuring that you’re free to keep using it to your advantage. Periodic cleansings will keep your Blue Onyx in tip-top shape.

So, how do you clean it?

The most straightforward option is to soak it in some clean water. You can use a gentle soap to get rid of any physical stains, but try your best to keep the water clean and additive-free for most cleansings. Soak it in a bowl of clean water for a few minutes, and you’re good to go.

Another cleansing method is to use the sun or moon. During the day, you can set the stone on a window sill to bask in the sun’s rays. Just be careful not to leave it out for too long. Otherwise, you could end up damaging its physical appearance.

A safer alternative is to let it bask in the moon’s light. Leave it out during a full moon. When you wake up in the morning, the stone will be fresh and revitalized.

Some say that burying the stone under clean soil can have a similar effect. Here, the thought process is that the Earth soaks up negativity and returns nothing but grounding energy.

Finally, you can leave it with cleansing stones. Clear Quartz and Selenite are good choices. Place the stones together and let the vibrational energy work its magic.

Zodiac Connection

Blue Onyx isn’t exclusive to one zodiac sign. Anyone can use the stone to experience its many reported benefits.

However, many crystal enthusiasts say that Blue Onyx resonates more with a couple of zodiacs. Those born under Gemini, Sagittarius, Taurus, and Pisces usually feel the strongest effects.

Those four signs all have a reputation for having issues communicating. They have a hard time making their voice heard, and a stone such as Blue Onyx can fix that.

The stone also brings confidence, allowing these signs to work out their unique challenges. That includes self-esteem issues, honesty, and general anxiety.

Closing Thoughts

The healing properties of Blue Onyx can benefit you in a number of ways. Even sitting and thinking about its meaning can provide a sense of calm!

We hope you found this guide helpful and consider giving this amazing stone a chance. You won’t regret it.