Orange Calcite: Meaning, Properties & How To Use It

Orange Calcite is an amazing stone with a simplistic beauty that anyone can appreciate. But it’s not all about appearances, this crystal also contains strong energy and properties that can provide many different benefits!

This guide will teach you about the meaning and healing properties of Orange Calcite. You’ll also learn some interesting facts to help you appreciate the origin and potential of this stone as you start using it.

One large Orange Calcite crystal

History & Overview

At first glance, it’s easy to mistake this colorful stone for a ripe orange slice! Intensely colored to match the sun, Orange Calcite is the epitome of energy. Just one look, and it’s capable of lifting your spirits and imbuing you with the passion of a thousand suns!

The stone takes on a translucent finish, which only amplifies its breathtaking beauty. The natural shine complements the somewhat milky inclusions, making it look like Mother Nature’s candy.

Interestingly enough, Orange Calcite is a pretty common mineral. It’s predominantly found in Mexico, Canada, and South America. Usually, it’s mined in large chunks and is rarely seen in crystallized form.

Standard Calcite is a rock-forming mineral that’s found inside sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rock. Technically speaking, it’s a carbonate rock. But, the inspiring colors make it stand out despite the relatively basic chemical composition. Calcite comes in a spectrum of colors, and orange is one of the most intense.

Humans have been using Calcite for eons. It was the material of choice for buildings, pigments, soil amendments, and more. Calcite is even part of some of the most revered statues in existence.

Some believe that Ancient Egyptians were particularly fond of the many colors of Calcite. The colorful rocks symbolized power and wealth, making them an obvious choice for tombs and jewelry.

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Today, Orange Calcite is still quite a popular and important mineral. In the crystal kingdom, its meaning is strongly associated with healing and positive energy.

Orange Calcite Meaning

Orange Calcite’s meaning can vary from person to person. This crystal is all-encompassing and can bring unique benefits to the carrier’s life. However, the most commonly accepted Orange Calcite meaning revolves around the stone’s ability to energize!

Like the warm energy of the sun, the properties of Orange Calcite radiate pure vigor and excitement! It’s the embodiment of vitality and passion, representing the fire that we all have within.

The stone is quite effective at helping people out of emotional slumps. It has a knack for ending stagnation and fanning the flames of purpose.

Many say that it’s strongly connected to your wells of creativity. Even if you don’t realize you have creative talents, Orange Calcite will make them known. It highlights your true calling and illuminates your purpose on this planet.

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Everyone can use the healing properties and energy that radiate from Orange Calcite. It’s passionate and rejuvenating, allowing you to move forth with confidence and vigor rather than falling into the slumps of complacency.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Orange Calcite’s prevalence on this planet has led to many stories about its healing properties. But even from one esoteric ideology to the next, one thing remains constant: This stone is potent and life-changing! 

It can bring about positive change, influencing your mind, body, and soul in many ways. Here are some of the benefits it can bring into your life. 


Orange Calcite is a busy stone that works overtime to keep your emotional well-being in good graces. The biggest impact it has is on dark energy.

Like many healing crystals, Orange Calcite is a powerful warrior against dark energy that binds you. It cleanses your body of bad vibes, ensuring that they don’t take hold and ruminate. Perfect for those prone to letting their emotions run the show, this stone promises to keep your aura clean and free.

This stone acts as a beacon of light, blasting away dark energy from a wide array of sources. Whether it’s coming from bad actors in your life, painful memories, or challenging situations, Orange Calcite always comes to the rescue!

Many say that this crystal also increases your excitement for life!

Even the most ambitious person is at risk of becoming complacent. Life is no easy sea to navigate. Constant challenges can bombard your being, weighing you down and making you complacent in a life that you aren’t happy with. We can get so caught up in staying afloat that we forget to swim forward.

The healing properties of Orange Calcite reignite that passion you lost. Not only does it wipe your emotional slate clean and get rid of the darkness that bogs you down, but it also helps you discover your true purpose.

A piece of Orange Calcite

Crystal healers often recommend Orange Calcite to those who aren’t really sure about what they’re supposed to do with their lives. It’s a fantastic companion for lost souls still searching for the best way to spend their days on this planet. The stone brings your purpose to light in unique ways.

It can remove feelings of self-doubt and show you the passions you always had bubbling under the surface. Or, it’ll guide you in the right direction to find a newfound skill or hobby. Many say that it also enhances creativity, pushing you to come up with plans to pave your own path!

Whatever the case may be, Orange Calcite will get you there.

It stimulates your energy and inspires you to live your true self. The stone clears up any mental fog and puts your destiny in full view. You can put your past in the rearview mirror and focus your attention on your future, as the meaning of this crystal gives you the resilient nature you need to succeed.


If you’re looking to go on a path of spiritual enlightenment, Orange Calcite is a great companion stone to have by your side.

Its energizing radiance is thought to promote spiritual growth. It can help your soul mature as you settle into a belief system that works for your life and being. Orange Calcite doesn’t discriminate or force you to believe in anything you don’t want to.

Instead, it links to the realms of higher consciousness and helps you forge the path of self-discovery on your own.

Many say that the properties of Orange Calcite grants wisdom and facilitates learning like no other. Whether you subscribe to a specific belief system or just want to connect to higher realms and ethereal energy, this crystal can help you achieve it.


According to many believers, Orange Calcite has the power to bring numerous benefits to your physical body. It’s said to have a unique effect on your overall health, encouraging a feeling of vitality that can positively influence your day-to-day life. The increase in energy and vigor is said to have far-reaching elsewhere in the body.

For example, Orange Calcite is thought to improve your body’s natural healing processes. Some say it boosts your immune system while also enhancing your body’s ability to flush out toxins. According to these healers, the liver, kidney, and spleen get more effective at doing their job, leading to the eradication of viruses and other disease-causing actors.

The stone may also help with benign issues like stomach pains and a lack of energy. The revitalizing power of the crystal can work wonders on chronic fatigue, helping you become more productive throughout the day.

According to some healers, women have a lot to gain from Orange Calcite as well. It’s often used with the goal of increasing fertility, making it easier for would-be mothers to conceive.

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Metaphysical Properties

In metaphysical healing, Orange Calcite is a powerful tool for triggering your lower chakras. It resonates most with the first three primary chakras, which are the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.

Three Orange Calcite stones on a window sill

As a root chakra stone, Orange Calcite governs your feelings of stability and balance. It’s one of the most important to coddle, as it can make you feel lost and unsure of yourself when blocked. Orange Calcite keeps the passage open, ensuring that you feel comfortable in life and have a purpose to work towards.

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Next is the sacral chakra. It’s your pleasure center and your center of emotions. It’s the seat of joy and houses your well of creativity.

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Finally, Orange Calcite serves as a fantastic solar plexus chakra stone as well. This energy point is your center of personal power. It helps you take control of your life and allows you to make decisions based on your own needs.

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The connection to Orange Calcite is profound. This crystal inspires and pushes you to enjoy life at every turn.

The metaphysical properties of this stone naturally complement this chakra, empowering you to live your true self.

How To Use Orange Calcite

There are countless ways to use Orange Calcite.

If you’re a fan of meditation, it’s a fantastic crystal to incorporate into your current practice. Hold it in your hand or create an amplifying grid. As you ruminate in your thoughts, the stone’s healing properties will wash over you and reinvigorate the soul.

Many like to pair Orange Calcite with other complementary crystals as well. The sunny stone plays well with Sapphire, Amazonite, Iron Pyrite, and more. Using multiple stones can expand potential benefits to create a healing cocktail.

Of course, simpler forms of Orange Calcite exist too! It’s a favorite among artists. Sculptors and jewelers can make stunning works of art out of this crystal. It’s relatively soft compared to other crystals, so there’s no limit to what artisans can create.

As jewelry, the stone stays close to your chakras for constant healing. It’s also a great protective crystal, casting a shield over you throughout the day, helping you avoid dark energy from all directions.

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As decorative pieces, Orange Calcite can fill entire rooms with healing energy. Invest in several forms of Orange Calcite and place it throughout your home and workplace. Many say that they start to experience the energetic vibes almost immediately! This will also give you a gentle reminder of the meaning of Orange Calcite, inspiring you throughout the day.

Zodiac Connection

Orange Calcite isn’t the official birthstone of any month or zodiac. Thus, anyone can reap its rewards. However, many believers say that it resonates most with a couple of different signs.

The sign with the most to gain is Cancer. Those born between June 21st and July 22nd can take advantage of the stone’s healing powers to stay level-headed. It perfectly combats a Cancer’s penchant for going off the rails when their patience is tested.

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It keeps them calm while also providing strength in moments of weakness. Orange Calcite can counteract the effects of shyness, allowing Cancers to reach their full potential.

This powerful crystal complements the duality of Geminis as well. It can provide some balance to the scatter-brain mentality of the sign.

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The clarity it provides can cut through the mental fog, granting Geminis the ability to focus and concentrate on one task at a time.

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Finally, this sun-kissed stone works well with the strong-willed nature of Leos. Leos are naturally mentally resilient. Orange Calcite works as a Leo birthstone to help them stay true to who they are. Plus, the energy it provides supports Leos in everything they do.

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Final Thoughts

We’ve been a fan of Orange Calcite for quite a while. It’s a very versatile stone that can bring a much-needed burst of energy into your life.

It’s so easy to fall into a routine and begin to feel stagnant. In many ways, modern life pushed us in this direction!

Finding a way to break out of this pattern and feel invigorated is essential if you want to achieve lasting happiness. So why not let Orange Calcite help you out?