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White Onyx 101: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

White Onyx is a stone that is often overlooked, but packs quite a punch. It has been used for many years because of its strong properties and simple beauty.

In fact, it’s one of our favorites!

This guide will explain the meaning and healing properties of White Onyx so you can decide if this stone is right for you.

History & Overview

White Onyx is a simple stone that revels in simplicity. Onyx is a Chalcedony stone that occurs in fibrous aggregates. It doesn’t crystallize like other popular minerals.

As a result, it forms nearly parallel banding with a glossy finish. The banding can be subtle, creating a milky-like appearance that glistens in the light.

There are many types of Onyx out there, but White Onyx is truly special. According to Greek lore, this stone came to be when the god Eros clipped the nails of the goddess Aphrodite. As the nails fell to Earth, they turned into Onyx. Interestingly enough, the work “Onyx” translates to “fingernail” or “claw” in Greek.

This origin and meaning of White Onyx made it a staple in many cultures around the globe. It appeared in Ancient Egypt, Rome, and more. However, it wasn’t always revered.

By the time the Middle Ages rolled around, White Onyx had actually become a symbol of misfortune. It was thought to help against black magic and evil, but it also represented calamity and fear!

Luckily, those negative connotations don’t exist today. White Onyx is now a precious stone with properties that make it highly respected in the crystal healing community. Not only is it a beautiful mineral worth cherishing, but it can bring about a slew of positive benefits.

White Onyx Meaning

This stone serves many purposes. However, most healers agree that the main White Onyx meaning is purification and providing a well of positive energy.

The pure white glaze of this stone is a perfect representation of what it does. It acts as the beacon of light that guides you from the pits of despair and heals all wounds. This stone doesn’t wipe the slate clean in a traditional sense (other healing crystals can take care of that).

A single White Onyx stone

Instead, White Onyx is all about bringing balance to your mind and body. Perfect as a crystal for anxiety and stress, the meaning and properties of this stone bring a sense of calm and helps you focus on the things that truly matter.

It’s a fantastic tool for highlighting your true potential. An ever-changing state of being is like a mask for the uninitiated. Fluxing emotions make it hard for you to see your purpose and find a way to accomplish your goals.

White Onyx comes in loud and clear like a lighthouse in the middle of dense fog. It’s the guiding light you need to get things done and become the person you are destined to be!

Healing Properties & Benefits

In healing circles, White Onyx is so much more than an eye-catching mineral. It’s a beacon of purifying energy and has healing properties that can bring monumental change to your life!

Here are some of the various benefits that you might see when using White Onyx.


When it comes to emotional healing, White Onyx is absolutely fantastic. As you would expect, this stone works wonders to melt stresses away. It deals with anxieties head-on to provide you with a more balanced and healthy outlook on life.

More importantly, however, is the emotional change that comes after the base healing.

According to practitioners, White Onyx is a master of mental organization. If you’re someone who suffers from mental fog and sporadic racing thoughts, this stone might be for you.

Its meaning helps put things in perspective and encourages you to take a step back whenever you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown. Instead of letting yourself succumb to the perils of an overactive mind, you can learn to think clearly.

Mental organization can help you recognize yourself. Not only that, but the stone pushes you to be true to who you are at all times. No more second-guessing or caving to the demands of others. When you can finally think clearly, you’re in complete control!

The healing properties of White Onyx also help with overall motivation. Finding peace and clarity can make a drastic difference in how you approach all of life’s challenges. You’ll discover a newfound sense of tenacity that can help you get through anything!


White Onyx is said to be a very spiritually connected mineral. While its biggest draw comes in the form of emotional healing, those with preexisting spiritual proclivities might experience a surge of power like never before.

Many healers say that the properties of this milky stone improve your powers of insight. It helps you look inward and tap into the energy of the universe as a crystal for good luck and strength.

Not only that, but some believe that the stone grants the power to manage cosmic energy to your benefit. Usually, universal vitality is too much for us to handle. Some stones let you tap into that well of information and enlightenment, but few endow you with the gift of utilization.

The meaning of White Onyx makes it a grounder of universal energy. Those who embrace the stone can harness the powers of the great unknown to find true bliss and understanding.


It’s not all emotional or spiritual improvements that are on the table! Practitioners say that the healing properties of White Onyx have such an impact that holders can also experience a few physical perks.

The most significant ties in with the stone’s meaning and origin. White Onyx is considered by many to be a good choice for those who wish to improve the hair, skin, and nails. Its healing energy is often used with the intention of protecting against breakage while also creating a lustrous sheen.

Beyond that, some believe that White Onyx enhances several biological functions. Practitioners say it’s connected to the stomach and spleen. Those who suffer from chronic pain or food sensitivities might see relief for issues that ail them.

You might even notice better overall health because many say that the stone improves the way your system absorbs nutrients and minerals.

Finally, White Onyx is thought to enhance hormone production. It’s said to regulate the thyroid, which might result in stabilized metabolism, balanced hormones, and other great benefits.

Metaphysical Properties

White Onyx is a multi-faceted stone. Its metaphysical properties don’t just focus on a single aspect of your well-being. They enhance them all!

According to practitioners, White Onyx can influence all of your chakras. However, it pays a little more attention to three energy points in particular.

First off, it’s a great root chakra stone. This energy point is responsible for your feelings of stability and purpose. When it’s blocked, you might find yourself feeling a little lost and complacent in life.

White Onyx keeps the well open so that life force energy is free to flow!

Next, healers say that White Onyx triggers the third-eye chakra. Called Ajna, this point is located on the forehead. In metaphysical healing, the third eye is linked to overall awareness, perception, and power.

This stone’s ability to organize your thoughts and help you find purpose is perfect for the third-eye chakra.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s the crown chakra. Known as the “Bridge to the Cosmos,” the crown chakra is like your personal line of connection to realms beyond our own.

Remember how we said that White Onyx helps you ground universal energy for your own use? That trait is intrinsically linked with the crown chakra and its continued openness.

How To Use It

Using White Onyx is very easy.

Throughout history, this stone has been used in everything from jewelry to ornate sculptures. To this day, it’s a favorite among artists and crafters.

Pick up some eye-catching jewelry to adorn your body. Whether you choose a necklace, earrings, or beaded bracelets, the stone stays within your auric field around the clock. It’s in constant contact with your skin, freeing up its healing properties to aid you whenever you need them most.

Loose stones and polished pocket rocks serve the same purpose. However, you can also use those smaller cuts for meditation.

Hold the stones in your hands or place them onto your chakras directly. Allow the stone’s energy and meaning overtake your mind and create the peace you so desperately seek! Guide your intent and keep the Onyx by your side as much as possible for continued healing throughout the day.

As a piece of decorative art, White Onyx continues to exude purifying energy. Like a tap that never turns off, it fills whatever room it’s in with light and love.

The moment that you enter, you’ll feel a wave of calming energy wash over your body. It’s like taking a dip in a rejuvenating pool. Keep it in your favorite meditation spot and find peace whenever you enter.

Zodiac Connection

White Onyx isn’t exclusive to any zodiac sign. You’re free to take advantage of its benefits regardless of the conditions surrounding your birth.

That said, the meaning and properties of this purification stone are said to resonate with Capricorns the most.

Capricorns have complementary energy to White Onyx. The stone gives off peace and serenity, which is a natural pairing for those born under the horned goat.

Capricorns are naturally peace-loving. They prefer the quiet tranquility of a pure mind over the sporadic thinking of a busy life. White Onyx helps maintain that mindset no matter how much the world tries to throw you off your game.

In addition to Capricorn, White Onyx is said to have a minor connection to Leo and Aquarius.

For these two signs, the stone is all about flexibility and strength. Leos and Aquarians can be a bit set in their ways. They’re both passionate about the things they love and work hard to accomplish what they need to do.

However, they can become frenzied when things don’t go their way. White Onyx teaches flexibility while granting strength to keep trucking on.


White Onyx has a meaning that you can’t help but love. The notion of purifying yourself and basking in a wave of positive energy appeals to just about everyone!

We hope you give this stone a try and incorporate it into your crystal healing practice. If you have any questions or want additional suggestions, just ask!

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