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Honey Calcite: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Honey Calcite is a gorgeous stone that’s quite versatile when it comes to its healing properties and potential uses. That’s what makes it so popular!

This guide will dive into everything you need to know about Honey Calcite. We explore the root meaning of this stone, the properties it has, and all the possible ways you can use it.

History & Overview

The rich tones of Honey Calcite are a sight to behold! Often called Amber Calcite or Golden Calcite, this crystal takes on a pale brown hue. The intensity of the color can vary from one rock to the next. However, all Honey Calcite samples feature a semi-transparent finish that gleams in the light.

Three Honey Calcite stones in the sun

Calcite, as a whole, is very common. It’s one of the most abundant minerals on the planet and comes in a ton of different forms. Depending on where it’s mined from, you can find it in everything from soft angelic white to deep black.

Honey Calcite is just one of the many available forms, and is most commonly found in Mexico. But despite its popularity, it has a rather unique meaning.

This is a beautiful crystal that can develop in rhombohedral forms. Older deposits are massive, creating an otherworldly landscape filled with transformative energy.

Honey Calcite Meaning

If you’re feeling lost or complacent in life, Honey Calcite may help you get out of your rut! Many believers flock to this crystal for its unique properties.

In healing circles, the main Honey Calcite meaning is connected to strength and personal power. It’s the embodiment of motivation and intent, pushing you to accomplish your goals and live life to the fullest.

The gemstone is unique compared to some other healing crystals. The energy that flows from Honey Calcite doesn’t focus on mental pain or anxiety. While it can help pull you out of a sea of dark energy, that’s not its goal.

Honey Calcite is all about changing the way you think and improving your approach to all of life’s challenges.

Everyone can use a little bit of personal empowerment. Even the most ambitious person will go through difficult times that challenge their convictions. Those who are unfortunate enough to go through emotional traumas and lasting pain may fall into an endless cycle of procrastination that prevents them from fulfilling their purpose.

Honey Calcite has the ability to empower you in ways that no other stone can. It resonates deep into your being, lighting a fire that grants ongoing strength until you meet your goals.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Like the rays of sunshine washing over you on a warm day, Honey Calcite’s energy is transformative! Many consider the healing properties of this stone to almost be tangible, triggering change the moment you let it into your life.

Using Honey Calcite for meditation and auric cleansing can lead to a number of potential benefits. Here are some ways that this stone can heal your mind, body, and soul!


As the saying goes, “Everything is mind over matter.” While many attribute that phrase as nothing more than some motivational jargon, it’s more realistic than most people think.

Emotional pains of the past can do a number on your sense of drive and self-esteem. This is especially true if you have experienced failure. Failure is meant to help us grow, but it can also instill fear and anxiety instead.

Block shaped Honey Calcite

You may become fearful of reliving the past. When this happens, dark energy fills your mind, leading to worry and self-doubt. Your emotions kick into overdrive, creating an overwhelming flight response that prevents you from accomplishing anything.

The healing properties of Honey Calcite can help remove that fear. It essentially gives you a clean slate since the stone’s calming energy clears your mind of dark energy!

It’s naturally peaceful, allowing you to get in the zone. The crystal quiets your inner saboteur, slows an overactive mind, and facilitates emotional harmony.

Crystal practitioners often recommend it to those who participate in high-effort tasks regularly. For example, it can help ease troubles for creative professionals looking to complete their next big project. Even athletes and office workers in high-stakes positions can benefit.

Honey Calcite removes fear and encourages you to retain your personal power. Instead of feeling scared or doubtful about your success, the powerful meaning of this stone pushes you to try anyway!


Spiritually, Honey Calcite is a fantastic choice for those looking to take a journey of self-discovery.

At its core, this stone has properties that help you feel grounded and improve the relationship you have with yourself. No matter what kind of challenges you face, it’s self-doubt and fear that gets in the way. Adopting a healthier viewpoint of your own capabilities can make a world of difference.

In other words, it instills confidence and eliminates any hint of self-consciousness.

Honey Calcite’s healing properties and energy can help you get there! Not only does it clear your mind of evil thoughts and self-destructive thinking, but it even inspires wisdom.

Using this stone often leads to enlightenment in one form or another. Working with the third-eye chakra, it invites divine wisdom from the cosmos. Furthermore, the stone pulls that energy down to your core, creating feelings of stability in life.

Many say that Honey Calcite effortlessly balances energy from Mother Earth and otherworldly realms above. As you’re stuck in the middle, you can take advantage of those energies to find support and enlightenment through anything.


Most of Honey Calcite’s most sought-after benefits are in the emotional and spiritual realms. However, believers say that its healing energy manifests in your physical body as well.

Many healers say that Honey Calcite resonates with calcification on the bones and joints. Some believe that it dissolves excessive calcium growth on bones and joints, providing relief from conditions like arthritis and joint pain.

It’s often used to help with various organs as well. More specifically, many suggest that it promotes good kidney and bladder health. For women, it’s said to assist with a wide range of problems involving the reproductive system.

Finally, practitioners say that Honey Calcite is a powerful immune system booster. According to these healers, it can counteract the effects of medication that suppress the immune system. It can also boost the effects of those that are meant to strengthen it!

The stone is thought to provide ongoing protection from illness. Some say it speeds up the recovery process if you do come down with a sickness. Not only that, but they also use it to combat the ill-effects of medication to make your transition to good health much more manageable.

Metaphysical Properties

Honey Calcite is no stranger to metaphysical healing! Most stones used by crystal healers will interact with one or two chakras. However, the metaphysical properties of Honey Calcite have wide-reaching effects that can stimulate several energy points!

As we mentioned earlier, this crystal has a meaning with a strong connection to earthly energy below, and otherworldly energy from above. This is because it stimulates the third-eye and root chakras.

The third-eye chakra, called “Ajna,” is the epicenter of your consciousness. It’s the seat of intuition that governs your sense of wisdom and enlightenment.

Honey Calcite and the third-eye chakra go hand in hand. The mystical stone keeps energy flowing, inviting divine wisdom and putting you on the path to success.

A Honey Calcite crystal set up for meditation

As a root chakra stone, Honey Calcite keeps you down to earth. The base chakra, or “Muladhara,” is on the base of the spine. It’s the first of the primary chakras and acts as an entry point for life force energy.

The chakra influences your feelings of safety and stability. When it’s blocked, you feel lost and insecure in your place on this planet. Honey Calcite naturally stimulates this chakra.

With the stone in tow, you can find your purpose and discover the drive you need to fulfill it!

In addition to the third-eye and base chakras, the metaphysical properties of Honey Calcite can positively impact the solar plexus and sacral chakras.

The solar plexus chakra is your well of personal power. It governs your ego, personality, and freedoms. Without proper energy flow, you may feel devoid of emotion and unhappy with life as a whole. Honey Calcite is a highly effective solar plexus chakra stone, since it can stop this energy from becoming blocked.

Finally, there’s its use as a sacral chakra stone. Called “‘Svadhisthana,” it’s your center of passion and joy! Honey Calcite helps you rediscover your passions, energizing you to chase your dreams and find happiness.

Different Ways To Use This Stone

Using Honey Calcite couldn’t be easier. Because it grows in large masses, this is a stone that works well as decor.

You can invest in large chunks (or spheres) of the gemstone to adorn your home or workspace. It’s an excellent option for infusing an office with productive and active energy. You may even see positive impacts when placed in a collaborative creative space.

As decor, Honey Calcite has all the usual benefits. However, the energy is free to emanate in all directions. It can infuse the entire room, giving you a boost of healing energy every time you enter!

Of course, smaller forms of Honey Calcite work well, too. Like most crystals, it’s great for jewelry, loose stones, and points. 

With jewelry, you can keep the stone in your auric field at all times. There, it will cleanse your body regularly and provide you with the strength you need as challenging situations arise. The same goes for tumbled stones and rocks.

Points and handheld stones also work well for meditation.

Compatibility is another reason why Honey Calcite is a favorite for experienced crystal healers. It works well with other stones, allowing you to create a cocktail of healing during meditation. Some good pairings include Sapphire, Moldavite, Fluorite, Ametrine, Wulfenite, and Iron Pyrite.

Zodiac Connection

Honey Calcite is a universally adored stone that can benefit anyone.

But like most healing crystals, its properties and meaning seems to resonate a bit more with a couple of zodiac signs. In this case, those signs are Cancer, Pisces, and Leo.

Cancers can benefit from the security that Honey Calcite provides. They are quite ambitious and do best when faced with adversity, but a lack of stability can turn those standard traits on their head.

Those born under the sign need to feel confident in their place. Otherwise, their sense of drive goes out the window.

The same goes for Pisces. These individuals are ambitious but tend to draw back when attempting to do something out of their comfort zone. Unless they are already passionate about something, they lose their footing and allow self-doubt to take over.

This stone will give Pisces the strength to try anything with confidence. For them, even the reminder of the meaning behind Honey Calcite can be enough to provide a spark.

For Leos, Honey Calcite’s most significant benefit is serenity. Leos are one of the most goal-oriented of the bunch, fighting tooth and nail to get what they want. That’s all good and well, but that drive can manifest itself as aggression sometimes.

With the calming energy of Honey Calcite, Leos can learn to take a step back. It doesn’t remove their passion but teaches them to approach things a bit more delicately.


The core Honey Calcite meaning is something that anyone can benefit from. The pursuit of personal power, strength, and growth is one of the most important parts of life, and the properties of this stone can help inspire you to make it happen. 

This is one of the most-recommended stones among the crystal healing community, and there’s a good reason why.

We hope that you enjoyed this guide and learned about this fascinating stone. If you have any questions that we didn’t address in this guide, we’re more than happy to help you out!

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