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Rainbow Obsidian: Meaning, Properties, Uses & Benefits

Rainbow Obsidian is a stone with a fascinating meaning and stunning appearance. Crystal healers have sought it out for many to aid them in their practice, and that continues to be the case today!

In the guide below we’ll dive into the meaning, healing properties, and potential benefits of Rainbow Obsidian. This is a stone you don’t want to ignore.

History & Overview

Born from volcanic heat and magma, Rainbow Obsidian is a beautiful representation of what can come from destruction. This stone is a byproduct of extreme heat deep within the Earth’s core. A form of volcanic glass, Rainbow Obsidian is virtually identical to Black Obsidian as far as chemical composition goes.

However, Rainbow Obsidian is distinct for its layers of colorful iridescence. The unique finish creates a display of vibrancy under the right lighting conditions, resulting in a one-of-a-kind experience each time you view it.

A polished piece of Rainbow Obsidian

Those layers of color come from Magnetite and Pyroxene nanoparticles. As the volcanic glass cools, these trace minerals get trapped within its various layers. The final product is nothing short of breathtaking.

Most of the Rainbow Obsidian you see on the market today come from Mexico or the Lepontine Alps in Switzerland. New deposits in the United States were recently discovered as well, so this stone isn’t too difficult to get your hands on.

This form of volcanic glass is a prized collector’s item and tool for healing. Its purpose is nothing new.

Early civilizations believed Rainbow Obsidian held divine powers. Its meaning was seen as a portal between realms to the Mayans. Some cultures thought that staring into its reflective finish revealed your deepest shadows.

Most crystal practitioners believe that the influence of this stone’s properties continue to this day.

Rainbow Obsidian Meaning

Rainbow Obsidian goes by many names. You might see healers calling it Sheen Obsidian, Iris Obsidian, or even Heaven’s Eye. Whatever you name it, the core purpose of this stone remains the same.

Like other forms of Obsidian, the core Rainbow Obsidian meaning is all about making you feel grounded and balanced.

It’s an auric cleanser that combats the darkness we all harbor. Many say that the properties of Rainbow Obsidian illuminate the heart and fill your soul with love and light. In fact, we consider it to be one of the most underrated love crystals out there.

Other minerals in the crystal kingdom use light as a weapon against dark energy. The light energy blasts away the doom and gloom to uncover optimism and joy. Rainbow Obsidian works a little differently.

Its meaning makes it a transformative stone that sets out to turn painful memories and experiences into driving forces that benefit you. The stone purifies unwanted energy and transmutes it into positivity! All of those memories remain. However, they turn into life lessons that you can use to mature and grow.

Rainbow Obsidian is quite sensitive compared to crystals with a similar purpose. It’s geared towards those who need a little more nurturing than others. Rather than bombarding you with a constant flow of positivity, it eases you into things so that you can relish every moment.

Use the healing properties of this stone to cleanse your auric field and experience the true thrill of emotional stability.

Healing Properties & Benefits

While Rainbow Obsidian is a natural piece of breathtaking art, it’s so much more than just a pretty stone! According to healers and practitioners around the world, this iridescent mineral has the power to bring positive change to your life.

Here are some of its most sought-after healing properties and benefits.


There’s no doubt that Rainbow Obsidian has the biggest impact when it comes to emotional healing. Its energy profile soothes the soul and brings a wave of calm over even the most hyperactive minds.

At its core, the meaning of Rainbow Obsidian is all about providing balance and stability. One of the ways it does this is by instilling strength through acceptance.

As we mentioned earlier, Rainbow Obsidian doesn’t just wipe the slate clean and make you forget about painful memories. It transmutes that dark energy into something you can use.

The beauty of this stone is that its healing properties help you accept the things you cannot change. So many people linger on missed opportunities, heartache, or broken ambitions. There’s nothing wrong with letting yourself feel the pain of those difficult times.

What’s not okay, however, is letting those emotions affect your path forward. Rainbow Obsidian teaches you to overcome those obstacles and move on with life. 

The memories of those experiences remain. But rather than feeling sad or upset, you can view them as essential memories that shape your very being.

It takes a lot of strength to find acceptance, and Rainbow Obsidian gives it to you in spades.

Not only that, but it helps you look inward for growth. It’s not always easy to identify flaws within yourself. However, doing so can help you mature as a person and avoid repeat mistakes.

The properties of Rainbow Obsidian give you the strength to confront those flaws head-on. It puts you in the right mindset to tackle your demons and figure out what needs work and what doesn’t. Self-reflection is tough, but this gemstone’s nurturing energy helps you make those strides as you continue to evolve as a person.

As a whole, Rainbow Obsidian is a powerful tool for finding peace and learning how to enjoy life. It’s easy to get lost in the constant revolving door of dark energy. This stone dissolves evil thoughts and pushes you to live a little!

Savor every moment and let yourself grow with optimism.


Throughout history, Rainbow Obsidian was a sought-after tool for fortune-telling and was a favorite among clairvoyants. Many believe that those connections remain today.

Those gifted with extra abilities have the most to gain. The stone can potentially heighten your sense of spirituality and make gifts more present than ever before!

Of course, you don’t have to have mystical powers of sight to enjoy Rainbow Obsidian.

The properties of this shimmering stone promote spiritual exploration and connection to the collective conscious. It’s all about expanding your mind and helping you tune into energy profiles beyond our earthly realm.

The universe holds the answers to life’s biggest questions. Practitioners say that Rainbow Obsidian bridges the gap between your physical body and the secrets of the cosmos above. Its meaning facilitates spiritual journeys while also working as a crystal for protection as you seek enlightenment.


While emotional healing might be Rainbow Obsidian’s strongest suit, it’s not the only reason that practitioners seek it out. According to many crystal healers, this stone also possesses healing properties that can influence your physical body.

One potential perk is improved detoxification. It’s a subtle benefit that can sometimes manifest itself over time with continued use of the stone.

Your body already has the tools to get rid of environmental toxins. It can also work to filter out toxins that are a result of unhealthy habits and destructive behaviors. However, Rainbow Obsidian is said to strengthen your body’s natural detoxifying processes to promote better overall health.

They say that it’s particularly effective with filtering organs like the kidney and livers. By improving the functionality of those essential organs, you might have an easier time ridding your earthly vessel of things that could harm you. Whether it’s toxins from smog or toxins from a night of drinking, Rainbow Obsidian is said to help get rid of it all.

Some even believe that Rainbow Obsidian addresses addictions and unhealthy habits at the source. You might attribute this benefit to detoxifying improvements and maturity. However, healers believe that the stone’s energy can break dangerous cycles and help you get over issues like eating disorders, drug use, and more.

Beyond those notable perks, practitioners often tout Rainbow Obsidian’s effects on your circulatory system. The theory is that this stone can strengthen your heart and enhance blood flow. In turn, you may experience better blood oxygen levels, lower blood pressure, and a slew of other perks.

Rainbow Obsidian is thought to improve cellular regeneration as well. Cell regeneration is said to improve bone marrow function, increase blood health, and enhance many other biological processes.

Finally, healers say that Rainbow Obsidian helps with everyday aches and pains. Many recommend it to those suffering from cramps, arthritis, and more.

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Rainbow Obsidian predominantly focus on one energy point, the root chakra.

Also known as the base chakra, this is arguably one of the most important. It’s the first of your seven primary chakras and acts as an entry point for life force energy that radiates from the ground below.

As you can probably guess, this chakra grounds you. It’s responsible for your feelings of stability, purpose, and safety. An open chakra can make you feel at ease as you navigate life and all its eccentricities.

However, a blocked root chakra can lead to some intense feelings of insecurity. Many say that they become complacent and lost as they try to find purpose in life. It’s an endless cycle that many people have trouble escaping.

Rainbow Obsidian works as a root chakra stone to keep the network open. It keeps you grounded and present in the moment, which naturally combats the root chakra’s enemies.

In addition to the base chakra, many healers say that Rainbow Obsidian has secondary effects on the rest of your metaphysical body. The stone vibrates with all color frequencies. As a result, it triggers and stimulates every one of your seven primary chakras!

With continued use, the properties of this stone may help you find equilibrium and peace. But that’s not all.

This stone also activates a lesser-known chakra, the Earth star chakra. It’s located beneath your feet and connects your personal energy with greater Earthly and universal powers.

With help from Rainbow Obsidian, you can purge negativity into the ground while drawing positive energy.

How To Use It

There are many ways to use Rainbow Obsidian and introduce its meaning into your life. Like Black Obsidian, this stone is versatile enough to adapt to anyone’s healing practice. You don’t have to be a dedicated practitioner to reap its rewards.

One way that many practitioners incorporate it into their lives is through meditation. Hold it in your hand as you go through your standard meditation practices. For an extra boost of healing, try placing it on the chakras that need a bit of attention.

Even if you don’t perform regular quiet meditation, you’re free to use Rainbow Obsidian. Place it in the room as you do yoga. You can even put it in your office or bedroom. The choice is yours!

As a decorative piece, this iridescent stone is gorgeous. It looks fantastic on a shelf or your bedside table. In addition to adding some sparkle to the room, the healing properties of this gemstone will fill the space with grounding energy.

It’ll keep you sane and emotionally stable no matter what life throws at you!

If you want to keep Rainbow Obsidian on you as much as possible, you have a couple of options. One is by investing in small pocket rocks.

These polished stones are small enough to fit into your bag or purse. There, they can stay within your auric field for round-the-clock healing. The rocks also act as talismans for healing whenever you need to calm down. Just hold onto it in your hands for some grounding energy.

Another option is to pick up some Rainbow Obsidian jewelry! With its multicolored layers and beautiful finish, it looks grand on necklaces and bracelets.

The sky’s the limit with jewelry, so get creative and choose something that suits your style!

Whatever you choose, the meaning and properties of this stone will continually purify your energy field throughout the day. It’ll also have constant contact with the skin for even more profound healing.

Stone Combinations

The options you have in the crystal healing world are quite vast. You don’t have to use Rainbow Obsidian on its own. Many healers like to pair it with other minerals to customize the energy field and control the benefits you’ll receive.

Rainbow Obsidian can be used quite effectively with a number of different stones and crystals. Some of the most popular combinations include Black Kyanite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Moldavite, and Eudialyte.

Black Kyanite helps to maximize the protective qualities of Rainbow Obsidian. It keeps fragile hearts safe and works with the Obsidian to promote healing.

Rose Quartz replenishes your energy supply. Dark energy can be emotionally and physically draining. Rainbow Obsidian takes care of the healing while Rose Quartz uplifts and rejuvenates you.

Rhodonite is another grounding stone. However, it addresses deeply buried traumas. The stone can bring those long-lost memories to the surface, allowing the meaning and properties of Rainbow Obsidian to promote acceptance.

Next up, there’s Moldavite. Moldavite has many transformative properties, but it’s also a tool for unlocking the heart. Using it alongside Rainbow Obsidian is said to make you more open to love while healing old wounds.

Eudialyte is another grounding stone that works well alongside Rainbow Obsidian. It also rejuvenates your life force energy.

In addition to those stones, Rainbow Obsidian pairs well with high-energy minerals. Some examples include:

  • Natrolite
  • Rhodozite
  • Phenacite
  • Nirvana Quartz

Those high-energy wavelengths are a great counterbalance to the grounding healing properties and meaning of Rainbow Obsidian.

There are also plenty of other healing crystals and stones you can combine with Rainbow Obsidian. It all depends on matching your desired outcome with the meaning and properties they have.

Zodiac Connection

Rainbow Obsidian is accessible to anyone regardless of when they were born. This stone doesn’t discriminate and will provide grounding energy to whoever accepts it into their life.

That said, the meaning of this stone does have a long-established connection with Libras. Those born under the Libra sign have the most to gain from Rainbow Obsidians.

Libras are generally very open-minded. They enjoy balance and can easily collaborate with others.

However, they’re also known for being non-confrontational. That might seem like a good trait, but it often prevents Libras from confronting things they need to overcome.

Many Libras would rather bury conflicts and ignore issues. That’s not a healthy way of living!

Rainbow Obsidian is a master healer that encourages you to find acceptance. It’s also a good tool for self-reflection and growth. When used as a stone for Libras, the energy from this stone can be life-changing!


Rainbow Obsidian is perfect for anyone seeking a stone with a grounding meaning and healing properties. If you’re in need of some balance in your life, we can’t recommend it enough!

Give it a try and let us know what you think. If you have questions during the process, we’re always here to help.

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