Can Howlite Go In Water? What You Need To Know

If you’re wondering if Howlite can go in water, this guide has you covered. Despite this being one of the most popular stones in the crystal healing scene, many people have no clue how water safe Howlite really is!

This guide will teach you how this stone can handle water, and ways that you can get it wet without causing damage.

Can Howlite Go In Water?

Howlite is a beautiful white stone that’s thought to promote peace and patience. It’s a powerful tool for healing, and many crystal enthusiasts take full advantage of what it offers. Whether through daily meditation, direct chakral healing, or wearing it around your neck in jewelry, Howlite can profoundly affect your auric field.

Because it’s so widespread in healing circles, this white-colored stone often encounters less-than-ideal environments. That leaves many wondering if it’s safe for Howlite to go into the water or not.

If you get your Howlite wet, there’s no immediate cause for concern. This stone is safe to go into the water. However, there are some significant limitations to be wary of before exposing your Howlite to moisture on a consistent basis.

Howlite that has gone in water before being dried off

Howlite is a calcium borosilicate hydroxide. It’s a type of borate mineral usually found in evaporite deposits. Compared to other minerals in the crystal kingdom, Howlite is relatively soft.

It typically has a rating between 2.5 and 3.5 on the Mohs Hardness scale. The scale measures scratch resistance and overall durability. Howlite is unique compared to other “soft” stones. Usually, anything below a 7.0 on the Mohs Hardness scale should have any water exposure. However, Howlite is a unique exception.

You can put Howlite in water for up to an hour without experiencing any damage. If you plan on getting it wet, follow that one-hour rule. Otherwise, the water will begin to deteriorate the stone.

The gorgeous finish of Howlite will become marred, and the stone’s porous nature can pave the way to cracks and chips.

Always limit water exposure to one hour. Then, dry it off completely to remove any moisture.

Another important tip is to avoid exposing the Howlite to chemical cleansers, acidic additives, or other crystals in the same water bath. The stone is fragile, and exposure to anything too harsh will cause damage long before the water does.

Why Would You Put It In Water?

There are a few reasons you might want to consider putting your Howlite in water. The most common is energetic cleansing.

Like many crystals and stones, Howlite encounters its fair share of dark energy. As a tool for healing, it absorbs dark energy to encourage peace. It’s somewhat self-sacrificial, and you can start to see the effects of that negativity over time.

Howlite begins its life with you as a powerful vessel for light. But that dark energy eventually takes its toll, dimming the light to nothing more than a faint flicker. 

This process helps to recharge the stone and bring back its peaceful nature. You need to cleanse your stones frequently to ensure continual healing.

There are many ways to perform these rituals, but water is one of the most common. It’s not hard to see why. Water is one of Mother Nature’s most powerful elements.

It shaped the world, sustains life, and continues to be a source of healing for billions worldwide. Putting your Howlite in water is the most accessible method available, and it does a fine job of restoring its former glory.

Of course, Howlite can also go in water as a way to remove grime and polish your stone. Thanks to its clean finish, this is a stone that shows wear pretty quickly. Cleaning it with water will brighten things up and make your Howlite as good as new!

Many healers also like to use Howlite for cleansing elixirs. Soaking it in a cup of purified water for about an hour is said to infuse the liquid with healing energy. Because Howlite doesn’t release toxins like Sodalite and other minerals, it’s perfectly safe to use it for elixirs.

Can Howlite Go In Salt Water?

Getting Howlite wet won’t cause too much damage as long as you’re careful. However, it would be best if you stuck to clean, purified freshwater.

You should always avoid putting Howlite in salt water.

It’s not hard to see why healers gravitate towards salt water. It’s more widespread and is teeming with life. Life itself came from the bacteria and salt-filled water of the ocean, so it naturally contains more energizing power.

Unfortunately, it’s also more abrasive and damaging. If you’ve ever swam at the beach and felt the water’s effects on your hair and skin, you know why exposing your Howlite to it is a bad idea.

Salt water will ruin the finish in minutes. It should have no exposure to salt water. If your Howlite ever goes in salt water, immediately rinse it off in fresh water to remove all remnants of salt. Then, dry it off completely.

Can Howlite Go In Moon Water?

Moon water is another special type of cleansing liquid. You’ll be happy to know that it’s safe for your Howlite to go in moon water. However, you must take the same precautionary measures as you would with ordinary freshwater.

Healers love to create and collect moon water. The only way to get your hands on it is to let a bowl of clean water bask in the light of a full moon.

Lunar light charges the water, making it even more potent than before.

Chemically, the water doesn’t change. It’s still freshwater, so it’s safe to use with Howlite. But like before, make sure to limit exposure time and take steps to dry off your stone afterward.

Can You Wear It While You Shower Or Take A Bath?

If you’re thinking about bringing your Howlite into the bath or shower, you must be extra careful.

Getting Howlite wet is perfectly safe. As long as you don’t bathe for more than an hour, you won’t have any problems with this stone.

However, there are issues with cleaners and other bath products. Harsh cleansers can wreak havoc on your Howlite. Avoid anything too intense.

Avoid exposing your Howlite to any chemical-based products. Even suds or diluted chemicals will cause trouble.

The same goes for super-strong soaps. If you want to use Howlite in the shower or bath, stick to all-natural products that are gentle and green.

For example, you can use essential oils or natural bubble bath solutions. However, leave the bath salts and exfoliants behind!

Water Cleansing Methods For Howlite

Cleansing your Howlite with water is a breeze.

The quickest method is to run it under your tap. Let the clean water rush over your stone for a few minutes. If necessary, use a mild soap to get off any grime.

After rinsing it clean, use a microfiber cloth to remove excess water.

For a deeper ritual, let the Howlite soak in a clean bowl of fresh water. Keep the Howlite by itself and put on a time for no more than one hour. For the best results, use this method during a full moon.

As always, limit exposure to an hour and dry off your stone completely. The process should bring your Howlite back to life for continued healing.


Since you now know that Howlite can go in water, all you need to do is follow the recommended steps above. Keep it out of water for longer than one hour and stay away from salt water!

As long as you stick to those rules you’ll be just fine!

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