Septarian: Complete Meaning & Healing Properties Guide

Septarian is a highly underrated stone that can provide a number of appealing benefits. Sporting a unique look, it has a complex and rich history that dates back to some of Earth’s earliest moments.

This guide will teach you about the meaning and healing properties of Septarian. You’ll also learn about the most effective ways to use this stone in your crystal healing practice.

History & Overview

Septarian is an ancient stone that harnesses the beautiful and destructive energy of Mother Earth. It’s a perfect representation of the planet’s rather turbulent history, and it acts as a symbol of the beauty that follows.

This stone is not a singular mineral. It’s a consecration, which is a hardened mass of minerals. In this case, Septarian is a composition of predominantly Argonite, Calcite, and Limestone. Some other minerals like Barite or Chalcedony may appear as well.

Septarian egg on grass

These minerals started their journey towards fusion several million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. Dead sea life at the bottom of the ocean started to decompose. The minerals in their shells attracted sediment, which encompassed the decaying bodies to form distinct nodules.

Eventually, ocean levels receded, and the Septarian nodules dried out. This formed distinct cracks and fissures. Most fissures burst outward into a seven-pointed star, leading to the stone’s unique name.

After millions of years, the various minerals crystallized to form the tri-colored stone we know today. The stone has hues of white, dark brown, gray, and yellow. 

The inclusions are so distinct that many civilizations in the past referred to it as “Dragon’s Stone.” Polished cuts even look like the eggs of the mythical creature.

Septarian is found naturally in many locations around the world. However, it’s most abundant in Utah, as the Gulf of Mexico once extended much deeper into the continent. It’s also found in Madagascar, which had similar conditions to the Gulf of Mexico during the Cretaceous Period.

Septarian Meaning

This relic of the past has a diverse effect on people. However, the main Septarian meaning is that of grounding stability.

Septarian is all about making you feel confident in your place in the world. The properties of this stone have a strong connection to our planet’s powerful forces, harnessing its powers and transferring them to you. It teaches you to be strong and encourages you to dig deep as you figure out your true purpose.

This rock radiates nurturing energy that prevents you from ever feeling lost or out-of-place. Finding your purpose and living life to the fullest is never easy. But with the support from Septarian and the confidence it brings, being true to yourself has never been easier!

It has a profound effect on nearly every facet of your life. From the way you think to the conviction in your voice when you communicate, Septarian can influence it all.

The meaning of Septarian pushes you to be strong and speak to your own needs. Rather than focusing on what makes others happy or what society tells you to do, it pushes you to stay true to who you really are. In turn, you can feel comfortable in the world and your place in it.

Healing Properties & Benefits

While Septarian has a mysterious air about it, practitioners believe that it’s a force of nature in the crystal kingdom. It’s a complex stone with a number of healing properties that work to provide a slew of benefits.

Here are some of the most noteworthy ways it affects your emotional, spiritual, and physical health.


When it comes to your emotional healing properties, Septarian is multi-faceted. It’s a hard-working stone that can address a myriad of problems while bringing peace and stability into your life.

Like many other healing crystals, Septarian is capable of washing away bad energy. It’s an auric sponge that can transmute negativity and turn it into something usable.

Everyone can benefit from emotional healing every once in a while. No matter how much control you have in your environment, you are bombarded by negative influencers wherever you go. From bad experiences to people who want nothing but to pass their bad vibes over to you, dark energy is everywhere.

One Septarian stone

Septarian soaks it up so that you don’t have to. Not only that, but it turns that energy into something beautiful. Highly transformative, Septarian helps you make the most out of a bad situation.

Many say Septarian is a powerful teacher that does much more than erase bad vibes. It alters your point of view, instilling strength and wisdom so that you can battle your own demons moving forward.

As mentioned earlier, Septarian is a consecration stone. It’s a composite of three distinct minerals. Each one brings its own perks to the table. But together, these minerals are powerhouse protectors.

They work in tandem to create a protective shield around your aura, allowing you to heal from the inside out. It gives you strength and conditions you to stay level-headed no matter what life throws at you.

Healers also say that Septarian represents the beauty that comes with pain. The prehistoric formation process is turbulent and rough, but the finished product is a thing of pure beauty.

In this regard, the stone is a talisman for change and growth. It shows that you too can rise from the ashes and transform into the best version of yourself. Getting to that point may be tough and take time, but the pain is worth the trouble when you can relish in the confidence and strength you have within.


Septarian has been known to cause a spiritual awakening for many people who hold it. It’s spiritually uplifting and naturally instills a sense of joy. The confidence it brings puts a spring in your step and lets you enjoy all of the things you missed while wallowing in dark energy.

But more importantly, Septarian is a facilitator of change.

It grants a newfound perspective on the world, bringing a sense of enlightenment you’ve never had before. Many compare it to seeing the world through a brand-new lens.

All of a sudden, these healers say that their approach to living changes. They let go of old unhealthy habits and move forward with vigor. The stone is said to be drastically transformative, making it a fantastic stone for anyone going through a transition period or seeking positive differences in their lives.


Septarian’s most influential benefits govern the heart, mind, and soul. However, crystal healers say that it’s healing properties can positively impact your physical health as well.

Many say that it has a profound effect on muscle aches. When used during a crystal healing session, it’s said to soothe muscle spasms and alleviate bruises quickly.

Some say that the stone also helps with overall fatigue and weakness. Those who suffer from anemia may feel more invigorated and strong. Meanwhile, individuals who suffer from joint paint might experience fewer debilitating aches.

The stone is also thought to encourage better sleep. It absorbs dark energy throughout the day, leaving very little to create bad dreams or night terrors. Instead, it’s said to promote relaxation so that you can experience restful sleep that lasts throughout the night.

Metaphysical Properties

Septarian is a complex stone when it comes to its metaphysical properties.

The consecration stone contains energy from three different minerals, and they all work differently while combining powers to align your entire energy column.

This stone is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal. It ensures that life force energy can flow through your entire body, helping you stay balanced. Energy can harmonize, leading to feelings of stability and overall vigor.

Septarian happens to be an incredibly powerful root chakra stone. This energy point is the first of seven. It’s the entry point of life force energy that flows from the Earth beneath your feet.

A Septarian sphere

The chakra governs your feelings of stability. It keeps you grounded and helps you find solace in everything you do. When blocked, this chakra may make you feel as if your feet are never on the ground.

Many people describe this as becoming uninspired while drifting from one fleeting joy to the next.

The metaphysical properties of Septarian provide confidence and peace. It lets you find joy in life and helps you discover your true, lifelong purpose.

The Best Ways To Use It

There are many ways to take advantage of Septarian’s grounding energy. The natural beauty of this tri-colored stone makes it a worthy choice for decorative items!

You’ll often see it as polished rocks, statues, spheres, or even functional objects. For example, it’s sometimes the material of choice for coasters, bookends, and even puzzles.

Whatever form it comes in, these decorative pieces still radiate potent energy. Every time you enter the room, you can take all that energy in and feel a wave of peace wash over you.

Septarian is also a popular choice for jewelry. The natural tones lend themselves well to Earth-inspired pieces. As jewelry, the stone can continue to work its magic. 

Pendants and beaded bracelets are fantastic protective amulets. The stones can heal your body and mind while keeping you safe from the dark energy that comes your way.

If you prefer to keep things simple, Septarian is also available as small pocket rocks and meditation stones. Use them during thoughtful meditation to address specific issues while you reflect on its meaning. 

Many like to keep the stone nearby as they sleep. Place it under your pillowcase to maximize its effects as your mind, body, and spirit recover at night.

For more advanced healing, you could try pairing Septarian with other crystals. It plays well with many popular healing stones. Some popular pairings include Clear Quartz for amplification, Novaculite for stress management, and Kyanite for emotional balance.

Zodiac Connection

Make no mistake: Septarian is a stone that can bring benefits to anyone who holds it. It’s a transformative healing stone that doesn’t discriminate!

However, it does seem to have a stronger connection to those born under the Taurus zodiac sign. It’s one of the official Taurus stones. When you compare the known traits of Taureans to what Septarian can do, the connection is obvious.

Taureans are strong-willed and incredibly comfortable in their skin. Good-natured and calm, they are quite grounded compared to other signs. While they experience moments of weakness from time to time, most Taureans have no problem staying true to themselves.

In other words, they’re a personification of Septarian. Taureans can utilize this stone to push their natural traits even further. Its meaning will also act as a reminder for Taureans to stick to their guns in times of weakness.


The origin and meaning of Septarian are incredibly inspiring. The strong, consistent presence that this stone can provide can be quite the rock (no pun intended) during life’s darkest moments.

If you’ve had experience with this stone we’d love to hear your stories! Simply visit our contact page and get in touch.