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Blue Obsidian: Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses

Blue Obsidian is a rare and powerful healing crystal that many practitioners want to get their hands on. The influence it can have on your life is impressive to say the least!

In this guide we’ll go over the meaning and properties of Blue Obsidian. We’ll also share some of our favorite ways to use and cleanse it!

History & Overview

When most people think of Obsidian, they picture deep black hues and an ultra-reflective finish. While standard Black Obsidian is the most prevalent in the natural world, it’s not the only type to exist.

Blue Obsidian is breathtakingly rare. In terms of its origin, this stone is a bit of an anomaly.

Standard Obsidian forms when silica-rich volcanic lava cools down very quickly. The lava’s temperature drops so dramatically that crystals are incapable of forming. High concentrations of iron and magnesium result in the traditional dark color.

Geologists theorize that Blue Obsidian occurs when trapped gas bubbles are present at the time of cooling. 

Four Blue Obsidian stones

This crystal very rarely occurs in nature. Any natural deposits that are found get depleted very quickly. As a result, genuine Blue Obsidian is a pricey commodity that many healers and collectors would love to get their hands on. 

Fake Blue Obsidian does exist. It’s usually human-made glass or the byproduct of a unique smelting process. Either way, faux Blue Obsidian doesn’t hold nearly as much value as the real thing.

This glass-like crystal isn’t just beautiful. It’s meaning is also symbolic to many cultures.

Throughout history, it has been used to craft weapons, make tools, and even facilitate spiritual rituals. Historians aren’t sure what our ancestors thought of Blue Obsidian, but we can only speculate that they held it to even higher regard.

Today, Blue Obsidian is a premier healing tool with healing properties that can benefit a wide range of practitioners.

Blue Obsidian Meaning

The nature of this stone makes it incredibly inspiring. The core Blue Obsidian meaning is about protection and transmutation.

It’s a prolific healer that can prevent dark energy from entering your auric field. The stone acts like a beacon of shielding light that stops all forms of darkness from affecting your mind and soul.

But that’s not all. Healers say that Blue Obsidian can also address existing problems in your life. Like the waves of the ocean, this crystal’s energy washes over your entire being to help you start anew.

That said, it doesn’t just bring change and leave you to your own devices. Blue Obsidian is a little more involved than that. It works to affect the way you think and how you perceive the world.

It’s an introspective stone that forces you to look inward. While that’s a scary prospect for many, the stone’s meaning and encouragement can make a world of difference in your life and overall well-being.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Practitioners adore Blue Obsidian and its unique energetic touch. While the benefits aren’t as well-known as Black Obsidian, there’s still a lot to gain from this translucent blue beauty.

Here are some benefits you can experience when you incorporate the healing properties of Blue Obsidian into your life.


As mentioned earlier, Blue Obsidian is a crystal with a meaning that promotes self-reflection and extensive contemplation. The glass-like finish is symbolic of its ability to make you look deep within yourself. Like a looking glass into your soul, it highlights things that you thought were long-buried.

The crystal’s goal is not to dredge up painful memories or feelings you want to forget. Instead, it pushes you to find power and strength.

The best way to empower yourself and be true to your emotional needs is to confront the things that bring you pain. By addressing those long-buried issues, you’re free to let go and finally move on. Only then can you find true peace and purpose.

Blue Obsidian is all about helping you uncover your true purpose on this planet. It helps you unlock the mysteries of your existence and find your calling. 

While many people have vague ideas of what they want to do and who they want to be, few know how to get there. Blue Obsidian is the beacon of light you need to find your path. 

Sometimes, it leads you straight to your destiny and helps you fulfill the ambitions you’ve always had. In some cases, it might lead you astray so that you can discover brand-new goals you never even considered! Either way, the end goal is all the same.

The healing properties of this stone promote peace and stability. It helps you find the things you long for most. Once you get it, the Blue Obsidian ensures that you hold onto it as long as possible!


Blue Obsidian is thought to have a solid connection to the spiritual world. Not only does it promote spiritual exploration, but it’s a great protection crystal as well.

The properties of this stone open you up to accepting guidance in your journey to peace and tranquility. It releases the floodgates and helps you receive an outpouring of support and wisdom from the cosmos.

Tap into lines of communication with your guardian angel and seek enlightenment from realms beyond your own.

Wherever your spiritual journeys take you, Blue Obsidian is there to shield you from the darkness. It protects you from negative energy and makes sure that you’re safe to explore unencumbered.

Many practitioners say that Blue Obsidian also promotes psychic development. Those with existing gifts might feel their abilities strengthen. This is especially true for those who have the advantage of prophecy.

Blue Obsidian has a knack for unlocking hidden gifts as well. It’s a natural companion that can help gifted individuals hone their skills for good.


Believe it or not, Blue Obsidian is said to hold a handful of physical perks. These benefits aren’t as widespread as the emotional and physical ones, but many practitioners seek them out nonetheless.

The stone is considered to have the greatest influence on the mind. It’s believed to provide mental clarity and treat mild cases of confusion. It may also help with minor bouts of psychosis and other brain-related issues.

Some say that Blue Obsidian also impacts the eyes, nose, and ears. It’s thought to strengthen the senses and fight off common ailments that might throw off the way you experience the world.

Last but not least, healers believe that Blue Obsidian promotes good digestive health. The theory is that it heals common ailments and improves your system’s ability to process foods without any issues.

Metaphysical Properties

In metaphysical healing, Blue Obsidian’s purpose is two-fold. The shimmering stone triggers the root chakra and the throat chakra.

Usually, the metaphysical properties of healing stones influence energy points that are close together. They might govern the lower chakras or the upper chakras. Blue Obsidian treats opposite sides of the metaphysical body, which can ultimately have far-reaching effects on your well-being.

It all starts as a root chakra stone. This energy point is where life force energy enters your body and flows upward. It’s arguably one of the most important chakras to maintain.

When it’s blocked, the chakra will cause severe bouts of emotional despair. Many say that they become lost, complacent, and devoid of any drive to accomplish anything at all. The feeling can be so debilitating that it takes years for people to claw themselves out.

Blue Obsidian is a naturally grounding stone that promotes stability. As a result, it’s the perfect stone to complement the root chakra. It keeps the energy flowing and ensures that you also have a sense of self.

The second energy point that Blue Obsidian influences is the throat chakra. Located in the throat, this chakra is all about communication. It governs the mouth, tongue, and cheeks.

When the flow of energy is suffering, you’ll experience extreme difficulties expressing your truth. Suddenly, it becomes hard to speak honestly. You might even find yourself talking purely to those you love.

Once again, Blue Obsidian comes to the rescue. Thanks to its meaning and influence, you can always speak your truth and stay true to who you are.

How To Use It

Using Blue Obsidian is just as easy as using any other healing crystal. The glass-like mineral comes in many different forms. You can get larger chunks for your home, smaller pieces for jewelry, and everything in between. It’s also available in a clear polished form or raw stones.

Either way, the trick is to keep it within your auric field as much as possible. 

The best way to do that is with jewelry. Pendant necklaces, beaded bracelets, and more are available. Use them to stay protected as you tackle the day. If you need any guidance or strength, it’ll be there to answer.

Small tumbled stones and points are available, too. You can use those during meditation. Set your intent and let the stone work its magic as you sit in thought (you can even meditate on its meaning for inspiration).

Those who prefer something more substantial can turn to larger chunks or glistening spheres. Blue Obsidian is a gorgeous stone that will look right at home on a shelf or pedestal. Place it in your office, or let it fill your favorite meditation space with healing energy.

The crystal’s energy and healing properties are so potent that it can fill a room and make you feel at peace.


Some practitioners make the mistake of thinking that Blue Obsidian doesn’t need cleansing. Despite its glass-like appearance, the crystal’s energy supply will deplete with time. Constant exposure to dark energy takes its toll, so you’ll need to cleanse it to ensure that the healing properties of this stone continue to benefit you.

Fortunately, there are many ways to do this.

One of the easiest methods you can try is soaking. Let the stone soak in a small container of salted water for about 24 hours. You can also lay it in a bed of Himalayan salt if you want to keep things dry.

Because it’s a grounding stone, Blue Obsidian is more than willing to accept energy from the earth below. Bury it in your garden to soak up rejuvenating power for 48 hours. Alternatively, you can set it on the soak during a full moon to bask in the glory of moonlight.

The last method is to smudge herbs. Sage is particularly effective at cleansing Blue Obsidian and other healing crystals. Smudge the Obsidian in smoke and set your intention for cleansing. Before long, it should be recharged, reactivated, and ready to go.

Zodiac Connection

Blue Obsidian can benefit anyone who chooses to accept its healing energy. However, some say that those born under Pisces have the most to gain.

Pisces are notoriously negative thinkers. They’re natural-born pessimists who suffer greatly when things don’t go their way. They can be downright destructive to themselves and those around them.

In this case, Blue Obsidian is a must! The meaning of this stone encourages Pisces to look inward and find peace no matter what they’re facing. It helps ease the pain of disappointment and shows Pisces that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Closing Thoughts

Blue Obsidian is perfect for anyone who wants some extra support while they walk the challenging path of life. We never know what lies ahead, and evolving as a person can bring an additional layer of complexity as well.

If you can get your hands on it, we highly recommend giving this stone a shot.

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