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Tibetan Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Tibetan Quartz is an underrated healing crystal that has a lot to offer. In fact, it’s one of the stones that we recommend most often!

This guide will teach you about the meaning, properties, and potential benefits of Tibetan Quartz. By the time you’re done reading it you’ll be eager to pick up a piece for yourself!

History & Overview

Tibetan Quartz, found high up in the Himalayan Mountains, is thought to be bathed in the spiritual vibrations of these sacred peaks. Because it’s found at such high altitudes, mining needs to be done painstakingly by hand, and many say that this stone is still mined by Tibetan monks who live in the region. Tibetan Quartz can also be found in smaller amounts in parts of India, Russia and Pakistan.

Sometimes called Tibetan Black Quartz, this crystal is really somewhere between clear and white. The black coloration comes from small inclusions of Hematite and carbon. 

This crystal is known for its ability to expand consciousness, cleanse the aura and provide strong protection against negative energy and psychic infiltration.

There are people out there who will try to pass off fake Tibetan Quartz as the real thing. Don’t be fooled by cleaver imitations. There are a few traits to look for if you want to make sure that you are purchasing the real thing.

First of all, even the most perfect looking authentic piece of Tibetan Quartz will have some kind of small imperfection or inclusion. If it is completely flawless, chances are that it’s a fake. 

A collection of Tibetan Black Quartz stones

Use a magnifying glass to check for small bubbles. True Tibetan Quartz will not have any bubbles. If you see bubbles, then it’s not real Tibetan Quartz.

Another method is to use a scratch test. Tibetan Black Quartz has a hardness of seven on the Mohs scale. Basically this means that it is able to scratch other stones that are lower on the scale. It should also be able to scratch glass. If your stone puts a scratch in a piece of glass without too much effort, then your stone is the real thing.

Lastly, you can go the technical route and use a gem tester. A real Tibetan Quartz will feel warm to the touch, but glass or a fake stone won’t.

Tibetan Quartz Meaning

This crystal is thought to be a very potent psychic and auric cleanser. The primary Tibetan Quartz meaning is all about helping you reach your highest goals, connect to sacred realms of consciousness and drive away any negativity that could be holding you back.

This crystal just seems to exude the pure, holy spirit of the Himalayas, and its connection to the highest vibrations of the universe is legendary. Tapping into its amazing energy is thought to help the user discover the inner courage, clarity and guidance that’s needed to stay focused on goals, especially financial ones (more on that later).

Often called “The Master Healer Crystal”, Tibetan Quartz is known to have the ability to positively affect just about every aspect of your life. 

When Tibetan Quartz is used as a part of your daily practice, you can feel more supported, protected, and encouraged than ever before. Even better, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to uses!

Healing Properties & Benefits

Whether you are seeking physical, emotional, spiritual or metaphysical healing, you will want to consider harnessing the healing properties of Tibetan Quartz. 

This amazing stone has the potential to lift you up above the mundane to guide you on a path to higher, purer and more spiritual connections. You can wear it as jewelry, place it in your home or use it as a meditation tool.

No matter how you decide to use Tibetan Quartz, you will be harnessing a very powerful tool that will help you on your path to better living.


Many people associate healing crystals with spiritual or metaphysical work, but they can also be used very effectively to address a wide range of emotional issues. One crystal we really like for emotional work is Tibetan Quartz. If you’re serious about improving your emotional health and creating a more stable, happy future, then you need to add Tibetan Quartz to your healing program.

Change can be a very scary and sometimes stressful prospect. Dealing with and accepting change takes a certain amount of trust, courage and clarity. Tibetan Black Quartz is known for its ability to bring about the courage it takes to face change with your head held high. 

If the fear of change stems from negative thoughts, old traumas or entrenched emotional patterns, then using Tibetan Quartz will help you to clear away all of the negative habits that are holding you back from positive growth. This stone is quite effective for addressing the negative patterns we all fall into from time to time.

Using Tibetan Quartz as part of your daily healing practice can help you realize that no dream is too big. The properties and meaning of this crystal are thought to bring the user the guidance, clarity, and focus that’s needed to strive toward goals and make dreams come true. Tibetan Quartz is especially helpful if the dream is a financial one. This is also a popular crystal for money due to its ability to potentially increase wealth and financial stability.

A woman holding a piece of Tibetan Quartz

Looking for better relationships? Use Tibetan Quartz as a crystal for love that also helps increase acceptance of others and find clarity in confusing situations. It works for a variety of relationships such as romantic relationships, friendships and relationships with co-workers and family members.


The meaning and properties of Tibetan Quartz have been used throughout the centuries for deep, lasting spiritual healing. For creating a cleansing and purifying space for you and others, we highly recommend this stone.

The very high vibrations of this stone can connect the user to the universal sound of Om. Because of this, Tibetan Quartz is often used to create environments that are full of light, love and positive energy. 

You may feel yourself becoming more receptive to messages from your spirit guides, and many people are able to connect to the gift of clairaudience. 

Use Tibetan Black Quartz to cleanse your energy fields, defend yourself from psychic attack, purify your aura and get rid of negative energy for good.


As we mentioned above, Tibetan Quartz is sometimes referred to as a “Master Healer Crystal.” Many practitioners of natural medicine use Tibetan Quartz quite effectively to combat a variety of physical complaints.

For disorders of the nervous system, we recommend making Tibetan Quartz an important part of your path to healing. This stone has been used with success to treat various nervous system issues involving the brain, nerve ganglia and the myelin sheath. For the best results, please use Tibetan Quartz under the supervision of a knowledgeable and certified lapidary specialist.

In addition to bringing healing to the nervous system, Tibetan Quartz is also thought to speed up healing after surgery, soothe burns, relieve pain and increase physical vitality. Tibetan Black Quartz is also known to be highly effective for people with vertigo. People with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and arthritis have also found healing with this stone.

If you have problematic skin, you may benefit from treatment with Tibetan Quartz.

Metaphysical Properties

Using Tibetan Quartz during a meditation session has the potential to bring a person to higher realms of consciousness. The metaphysical properties of this stone are known to activate and balance your chakras, and you’ll likely find yourself able to hear and connect to the sacred sounds of the universe by placing it on your third eye.

Tibetan Quartz tends to resonate very well with the third eye chakra, but it is known to also have a strong connection to the crown chakra. Place Tibetan Quartz between two chakras to get rid of slow energy, to activate them, and to forge a pure connection.

Hold Tibetan Quartz in your hands, set your intention, and see where this heavenly crystal can take you.

How To Use It

If you’re new to healing with crystals, or if you have never worked with Tibetan Quartz before, you may be wondering how to use this powerful crystal. There are many options, and you might even discover some new methods yourself. You’ll create a bond with your stone after a while and be able to get a sense of what your stone wants and how it can work the best for you.

One common and effective way to take advantage Tibetan Quartz’s properties is in jewelry. This stone lends itself beautifully to being set into bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. Having this amazing and cleansing crystal close to your body will enable it to send its vibrations to you and those around you.

A piece of Tibetan Quartz

Some people find that using Tibetan Quartz oil to be very helpful. You only need to apply a small amount to reap big protective and cleansing benefits.

Make sure to have Tibetan Black Quartz with you on your next fasting journey or period of abstinence. It can help you feel more energized, grounded, protected and supported during what can be a difficult and uncomfortable process.

One of our favorite ways to use Tibetan Quartz is to place it around your home or office space. Place a crystal in four corners of your house or office, preferably near windows. This will bring in huge amounts of positive and protective energy (and also serve as a reminder of its meaning). Some people prefer to hang a cluster of Tibetan Quartz from the ceiling for the same effect.

Don’t forget that it’s very important to cleanse your crystal. You can smudge it with sage or incense, place it in a bowl of rice, or you can bury it in the yard overnight.

You can also give it an energy boost by placing it with another piece of Quartz overnight (Clear Quartz is great for this), or you can let it bathe in the moonlight of a full moon.

Zodiac Connection

Not only is this stone a kind of universal healer, it is also known to resonate with all of the zodiac signs in one way or another. Since it is used as a psychic and auric cleanser, people born under any sign can really benefit from introducing the meaning and properties of Tibetan Quartz into their spiritual practice.

Closing Thoughts

Because of its broad and versatile nature, the properties and meaning of Tibetan Quartz make it a great choice for many crystal healers. We’re constantly hearing from practitioners who have had a great experience with it!

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other questions about this stone. We’re always happy to provide extra help for our readers!

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