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Hematoid Quartz: Meaning, Properties & Energy Influence

Hematoid Quartz is an impressive crystal that can encourage positive change in your life. Because of the compelling meaning and metaphysical properties it has, this crystal is a popular choice for many people.

This guide will help you better understand Hematoid Quartz, so you can decide if it’s right for you. You’ll learn about its meaning, properties, impact on energy, and common ways to use it!

History & Overview

Available in a wide range of colors and cuts, Hematoid Quartz is a gorgeous crystal that offers quite a lot in terms of its aura cleansing abilities. 

Hematoid Quartz is a unique stone that contains two powerful minerals. At its core, it’s macrocrystalline quartz. This form of quartz is abundant in Earth’s crust and comes in many different forms.

But what makes this particular crystal unique is its Hematite inclusions. The Hematite is a form of iron. It appears as black or rust-colored deposits. They may look like dark stars or murky clouds.

The iron content can also alter the color of the Quartz, creating shades of deep rust or amber.

This crystal goes by many different names. It’s often referred to as Harlequin Quartz and Spectacularite Quartz, among other names. Whatever you call it, there’s no denying its eye-catching color and luster.

Since its discovery, Hematoid Quartz has been revered by cultures around the globe. Thanks to its abundance on our planet, the stone’s role in human culture dates back to ancient times. 

It was a favorite in Ancient Egypt. There, the crystal was seen as an amulet of protection. Babylonians used it as well! Authors of the time praised the stone’s ability to assist with legal proceedings and petitions to the King!

These days, Hematoid Quartz is still highly revered. It has a strong meaning and is used by crystal healers the world over due to the strong properties it contains. It’s regularly used as a healing token at spas and meditation centers as well.

Hematoid Quartz Meaning

Hematoid Quartz holds many meanings and is said to provide a slew of mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. 

In most healing circles, the meaning of Hematoid Quartz is all about change and stability. It’s called the stone of new beginnings, as it has the innate ability to promote positive change in one’s life.

Many compare the crystal’s physical appearance with its energy and properties. Examine it closely and you can appreciate the Hematite inclusions for all they are. They’re dark, gritty, and somewhat cloudy. These inclusions represent the dark energy we all harbor inside.

The stone is commonly used to absorb your dark energy, cleansing the body of things that hold you back! The newfound light it provides can lead to positive changes in all facets of life. Whether you’re looking for a new beginning in your career, relationships, or passions, this crystal can help you get there!

Hematoid Quartz is also a grounding crystal. Again, it all comes down to the physical properties it possesses.

In the crystal healing world, Quartz emits strong healing energy. Meanwhile, Hematite provides stability. Combining the two results in an ever-powerful crystal that radiates stable energy.

Many suggest that combining those two forces actually results in a magnifying effect on their abilities. In addition to cleansing your body of darkness, it grounds negative energy to make you feel more present and stable in life.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Throughout history, Hematoid Quartz has been a powerful relic for shamans and healers. It’s ability to harmonize the body and provide spiritual balance are profound, making it a go-to for crystalogists and spiritual counselors to this day.

This earthy stone holds a myriad of healing properties that delve into your emotional, spiritual, and even physical being. Read on to learn what they are!


In your presence, Hematoid Quartz has the uncanny ability to dissolve imbalances in your aura. 

Everyone experiences darkness at some point in their lives. This darkness can come from external forces and bad experiences. On the other hand, it can also come from within through self-doubt and internal regret. 

Many people hold onto that dark energy, allowing it to cloud their mental state and emotions. This results in feelings of instability and an overall dark view of the world (which is quite tragic).

Hematoid Quartz absorbs that darkness, providing some much-needed balance. It clears the mind of lingering negativity and lets you approach the world with a brighter perspective.

One of the biggest benefits of this is clarity in your decision-making. Hematoid Quartz is a favorite for those who deal with complex tasks regularly. Whether you’re working on technical projects or launching new creative endeavors, the presence of this stone can be very beneficial.

As it removes the darkness from your mind and body, you’re free to think more clearly. You can find effective ways to solve problems and come up with solutions that better meet your needs.

A raw Hematoid Quartz crystal

It’s not just workplace issues that the crystal can impact. Hematoid Quartz can also improve your relationships.

Dark energy often created chaotic thought processes that make you say or feel things you regret later. It makes you lash out in the heat of the moment, as feelings of anger and contempt move to the forefront! Relationships are never easy, but balanced emotions make them easier to hold onto.

Hematoid Quartz balances the opposite sides of the emotional spectrum, allowing you to think rationally. It calms you down in moments of distress or anger.

Instead of letting your mind explode with negativity, it lets you take a step back and think rationally. As a result, you can communicate more effectively and strengthen those bonds that mean the most to you.


Hematoid Quartz can offer a number of spiritual benefits for many individuals as well. It balances the mind, body, and spirit. Not only does this make you feel more grounded in our Earthly realm, but it helps you find inner peace in your soul.

This crystal is frequently used by those looking to go on a spiritual journey. It can provide assistance and protection when engaging in deep meditation or astral projection. In a deep state of meditation, the stone helps you discover a sense of calm as you explore otherworldly realms to find your purpose.

It’s a soothing crystal that provides auric cleansing and balancing. While many focus on the emotional side of things, you can’t expect to feel grounded unless you feel attuned with your own spirit.

Hematoid Quartz is fantastic for this purpose. Use it during meditation and take in its vibrational energy to seek guidance and protection from the cosmos (we cover the various uses of this crystal further on in the guide).


The healing nature of Hematoid Quartz doesn’t just apply to your emotions and spirit. While finding inner balance and stability is the most popular use of this crystal, many also tout its ability to provide a few physical benefits as well.

One of the benefits you’ll hear mentioned quite often is the stone’s ability to detoxify the body. As we make our way through the world, we take on a load of toxins. They can come from environmental sources, but there’s a lot to suggest that inner turmoil can cause toxin accumulations too.

No matter where it comes from, toxins can eventually build up so much that they start to impact your physical health. According to many healers, Hematoid Quartz promotes detoxification to rid your body of this harmful build up.

Some believe that its cleansing properties are even capable of improving organ function. It’s said to be particularly effective with the liver and kidneys. Some healers even turn to this crystal to address blood disorders like anemia.

Hematoid Quartz is also used frequently to help with physical ailments concerning the limbs. The most common use in this area is to promote healing for broken bones and alleviates simpler issues like leg cramps.

Healers often say that the most beneficial impact on your health comes down to stress. The stone’s emotional benefits can provide inner peace, which will often reduce anxiety and stress as a result. Because of this, many believe that the crystal indirectly addresses stress-related conditions.

Metaphysical Properties

The Hematite within this crystal is incredibly grounding. As a whole, Hematoid Quartz has a variety of metaphysical properties. It can balance your auras and improve energy flow through all of your chakras.

But according to many experienced meditators, it’s the Hematite that has the biggest impact. Hematite is particularly effective on the root chakra. Located at the base of the spine, it’s the foundation of life.

The root chakra sways your feelings of stability and affects your ability to withstand the challenges you face. When the root chakra is not balanced, many feel unsure of their standing. It creates a sense of uneasiness that’s difficult to shake.

When applied to the root chakra, Hematoid Quartz can begin to absorb and redirect energy. It will gather dark and unnecessary energy from your aura and drive it down through the root chakra.

That dark, imbalanced energy travels through this chakra and into the ground. Because it escaped your body, that allows your auric field to regulate. The rest of your chakras can harmonize, creating optimal energy flow that makes you feel confident and ready for whatever life throws at you.

Ways To Use It

Hematoid Quartz is available in many different forms, opening up a world of possibilities in how you use it.

The most popular way to take advantage of the stone’s energy is through points, prisms, and slabs. Large chunks of the crystal look great on a shelf or coffee table. But more importantly, this form enhances the energy of whatever room it’s in.

The powerful Quartz magnifies the vibrational energy, letting it bounce through the room and permeate through your body whenever you occupy it. Put it in your meditation room or any space that you use for quiet reflection. You can also put it in a bedroom to purge your body of negative energy whenever you lay your head down for the night.

Many people like to use it more directly as well. In tumbled or polished form, Hematoid Quartz makes a great meditation crystal. You can apply it to your chakras during times of reflection.

Alternatively, you can carry the stone with you and rub it whenever you need to connect with its power. It acts as a wonderful totem whenever your emotions start to get chaotic. Just hold it in your hands and let the cleansing energy wash over you!

Zodiac Connection

Hematoid Quartz can benefit anyone regardless of their zodiac sign. That said, it seems to have a stronger connection with signs that are ruled by their emotions. Most notably, it can provide strong benefits to Capricorns and Scorpios.

Those born under these signs are at the opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. However, they both let their emotions take the reigns.

Capricorns are naturally pessimistic and are more prone to developing a jaded view of the world. Their lack of light can cause them to give up easily, forcing them to become complacent.

Scorpios can be pessimistic as well. But rather than becoming complacent, many born under the sign let their emotions get out of control. They lack the stability they need to think rationally about their actions and words.

Hematoid Quartz can benefit both of these signs. In Capricorns, it removes some of that pessimistic energy and lets them see some of the light surroundings then. For Scorpios, it teaches emotional control and provides clarity in heated moments.

Final Thoughts

Hematoid Quartz is a great choice for anyone who is looking to enhance the positive energy in their life and seek out some exciting change. Not only are the meaning and properties of this crystal compelling, but it looks absolutely fantastic as well!

Let us know if you have any experiences with this crystal that you’d like to share. We love hearing from our readers!

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