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Green Opal: Meaning, Properties & How To Use It

Green Opal is a stunning and powerful stone that has drawn people in for ages. Due to the innate beauty and unique properties it possesses, it’s sought out quite often by those who are looking for more positive energy in their life.

This guide will go into the meaning and properties of Green Opal, along with tips for how to use it if you want to enjoy all the benefits this stone has to offer!

History & Overview

While many are familiar with standard iridescent Opal, Green Opal is said to provide an entirely different form of energy. 

This stone has been around for eons and is quite abundant around the world. It’s found on six continents, making it a mainstay in spiritual cleansing.

But despite the fact that it’s easy to acquire, there’s always been a special mystique around it. The stone is truly the stuff of legends!

Green Opal containing a variety of uncovered properties

It actually played a big part in Greek mythology. According to long-told myths, Zeus cried tears of joy upon defeating the Titans. Those tears were said to turn into Opals upon hitting the ground!

Green Opal, as well as many other types, meant a lot to Ancient Greeks. It was thought to grant the gift of foresight, lessen inhibitions, and reveal true feelings. 

Opals were rediscovered in the late 1800s in Australia, with Green Opals being found shortly thereafter. The first official mine for this gem was built at the turn of the century, marking a worldwide fascination with this eye-catching stone.

The thing that sets Green Opal apart from standard Opal is its inclusion of Nontronite. This lime-green clay mineral grants Green Opal its Earthy tones.

From a composition standpoint, Green Opals are very similar to standard variations. They form through a solution of silicon dioxide and water. Water flows down through cracks and fissures deep within the Earth. Along the way, it picks up silica. 

As the water evaporates, small silica deposits stay behind. This process continues for millions of years, resulting in the gorgeous stone we know today. Geologists believe that it takes between five and six million years to form just a centimeter of Opal! It’s no wonder healers believe these stones have powerful energy!

Green Opal Meaning

Green Opal is said to produce gentle and loving energy. Many believe that its powers focus on the heart and mind, creating positive transformations to your very being that could manifest change in the physical world!

It’s often called the stone of change and new perspectives, which is the primary Green Opal meaning. You may even see it referred to as the stone of harmony.

Whatever the case may be, Green Opal is all about rejuvenation. In healing circles, this stone is used for its powerful ability to balance your emotions and help you organize your thoughts. 

Green Opal is said to radiate so much positive energy that it changes the way you think and approach situations in your life. But that energy is not chaotic or overwhelming. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

The energy that vibrates through Green Opal helps to cleanse the mind and soul, allowing you to see clearly. As a result, it helps free you to truly connect with those around you while finding the focus and passion you need to conquer the world!

Healing Properties & Benefits

Green Opal is nothing new to the world of spiritual healing and meditation. Thanks to its wide availability and powerful properties, the stone is used quite frequently to pursue a wide variety of benefits.

Many people have their first interaction with the stone’s vibrational energy through spa sessions or traditional crystal therapy. But after experiencing the light and energy the stone brings, many incorporate it into their daily lives to reap the rewards!

Here are some of the biggest benefits that Green Opal has the potential to provide.


The emotional benefits of Green Opal are, by far, the most enticing.

This earth-toned mineral radiates enough positive energy to help you tackle some of your heart’s deepest pains. Its properties make it particularly useful for those who have suffered severe emotional trauma.

Oftentimes, people hold onto those traumas and fail to see the light in the world. Darkness surrounds the mind and soul, leaving little room for love or emotional growth. Those past hardships take up way too much space, causing chaotic and potentially dark thoughts that are hard to get past.

With the stone in your presence, you can start anew.

Using Green Opal is all about cleansing your emotional being and helping you let go of the past! It reminds you to look beyond the darkness so that you can view the world with a brand-new pair of eyes.

Many seek out this stone to help them clear up chaotic thoughts so that you can focus on what’s really important. This includes self-love, inner strength, and honest communication. 

In other words, Green Opal can liberate you of fear, guilt, or shame! Instead of harboring those negative thoughts, you can focus your attention on all the good there is around you. The stone helps you find some newfound admiration for the things you have while giving you some more insight into the things you want.

At the same time, it opens you up to welcoming new things in your life. You can make smarter judgment calls about people and situations, inviting more positivity into your existence.

Whether it’s new relationships, business opportunities, or financial decisions, the stone helps you see those situations from a clearer and more enlightened perspective.


Along with emotional rejuvenation, Green Opal is said to have the power to enrich the spirit. 

You see, the spirit and mind already have a strong connection. Unfortunately, that connection still applies when darkness muddies things.

When you’re able to experience a new emotional perspective, your spirit benefits as well.

The stone is a great option for those who feel like they are in a rut. No matter the cause of your stagnation, Green Opal can help you identify and reignite more purpose in your life. It’s even said to point you to your true calling while letting you accept spiritual guidance from the cosmos!

Spending enough time with Green Opal can encourage you to be your true and most dynamic dynamic self. You can learn to accept and embrace the things you once found to be difficult. Instead of focusing on the things you don’t like about yourself or the world around you, Green Opal switches your perspective to help you see the beauty in existence as a whole!

Green Opal is also a wonderful tool for unlocking creativity. It promotes spiritual imagination, instilling a desire to discover all of the amazing beauty around you. Try taking up a new artistic hobby once you’ve acquired this stone! It may help you tap into something you never knew you had.


The healing properties and benefits of Green Opal don’t just apply to your emotional and spiritual state. Many say that the stone can have an impact on your physical being as well.

As mentioned earlier, Green Opal is frequently used at spas. Healers believe that the stone has a profound effect on several bodily functions. It’s most often used to potentially improve heart, liver, and kidney ailments.

A raw piece of Green Opal

Many attribute the stone’s physical healing properties to its effect on your mental state. The reasoning behind this is that calming and rejuvenating energy makes you feel less stress and anxiety. As a result, it’s thought to remove toxins that build up over time if the body is frequently in this state.

The theory is that the release of those toxins comes with better organ function. It’s thought to make your liver and kidneys more effective at cleansing and maintaining balance within the body, resulting in better overall health. For this reason, you’ll often see Green Opal being incorporated into detox treatments or fasting regimes.

Green Opal is also said to help fight potential threats in your immune system! Some healers use this stone with the intention of strengthening the body’s natural ability to fight off fevers, infections, and other minor health issues.

Finally, Green Opal is often touted as being a good stone for insomnia. Again, this is most likely caused by the positive effect it can have on your mental and spiritual health.

The calming effects of the stone can help clear the mind of negative thoughts that keep you up at night. The result of this is often deeper and more restful sleep. Some believe that Green Opal can even decrease the frequency of nightmares in adults and kids alike.

Metaphysical Properties

This radiant stone is often used in metaphysical healing. Like many other stones, it can align the chakras and promote equilibrium throughout the mind, body, and soul. However, Green Opal is said to have the biggest impact on the heart chakra and third-eye chakra.

The metaphysical properties of Green Opal create a powerful link between these two chakras, giving you more control over your thoughts and emotions.

Many people have a hard time making decisions because of a constant battle between the mind and heart. Your mind might tell you to go one way while your heart pulls you in the opposite direction! Creating a link between the two allows you to make sound decisions that soothe both.

Green Opal lets you experience emotions, but it doesn’t let them control you! It clears those blockages in your third-eye chakra so that you can think clearly and with purpose.

You can see and feel things more clearly, giving you the power to do what’s best for your soul.

Additionally, it opens your heart up to accepting more love and grants you the ability to approach relationships with a new perspective. Thanks to better clarity from the third-eye chakra, you can make tough decisions regarding matters of the heart.

Whether it’s walking away from toxic relationships or letting yourself grow closer to loved ones, the connection between your third-eye chakra and heart chakra makes it possible.

How To Use It

Green Opal is versatile enough to use however you want! It really comes down to your preference and what use you’re drawn to the most.

This is a stone that’s commonly incorporated into jewelry. As a necklace, it makes direct contact with your heart chakra. As a result, it will constantly imbue your chakra with positive and powerful energy.

Even in other forms of jewelry, Green Opal acts as a constant reminder to think clearly and with purpose while still enjoying life. Its mere presence is said to be enough to grant positivity no matter what you face in life. Whether it’s on a necklace or in your pocket, having the stone on your person may attract opportunities that guide you to your calling.

Many people like to incorporate the stone into meditative sessions as well. You can do this by applying tumbled stones to your chakras, or including large prisms or raw stones in your meditation room. Either way, the radiant energy will reach you as you navigate a new spiritual plane.

Zodiac Connection

Green Opal harnesses both wood and water energy. As a result, it has a particularly strong connection to water signs.

These water signs include:

While all of these zodiacs are different, those born under them often suffer from the same dark cloud of energy. These signs are notorious for harboring negative emotions from the past. Individuals born under these signs are prone to holding onto those negative ties, preventing themselves from moving forward in life.

Green Opal has the potential to help release those pains, and reminds those born under water signs to live life to the fullest! The stone can encourage you to view the world in a different life, which only opens you up to experience a world of future opportunities.

Wrapping Up

The main Green Opal meaning is something that can truly resonate with everyone. This is a stone that brings positivity and helps you welcome the next chapter of your life with open arms.

We hope this guide about the history, properties, and uses for Green Opal helps encourage you to incorporate this stone into your daily life! It’s truly something special.

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