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Lemurian Quartz: Meaning, Properties & How To Use It

Lemurian Quartz is a strong healing crystal that flies under the radar. Many practitioners flock to more popular stones without realizing the life-changing potential this crustal has.

In this guide we’ll go over the meaning, properties, and benefits of Lemurian Quartz. Trust us, you’ll be shocked that more people aren’t using it!

History & Overview

Lemurian Quartz is an etheric crystal that’s said to harbor a long-lost civilization’s messages and healing powers. At first glance, this gemstone looks like nothing more than Clear Quartz. However, subtle differences make it unique in its own right.

The color is off-white. It has a slight tinge of pinkish-brown, which produces beautiful reflections when the crystal interacts with light. While transparent, most cuts have a subtle haziness that prevents you from looking straight through like glass.

A clean Lemurian Quartz crystal

If you look closely, you’ll notice ladder-like striations on one or more of the faces. These lines look like a barcode and give the crystal a distinct texture.

The lore of Lemurian Quartz is fascinating. It’s thought to come from an ancient land called Lemuria. Lemuria is the stuff of legends! However, many people are unaware of its existence, while focusing on the likes of Atlantis!

Like Atlantis, some believe that Lemuria sank beneath the ocean. But before that, the people of Lemuria were thought to be more spiritually developed than any other civilization before it. The meaning and properties of Lemurian Quartz help you stay connected with the universe and stars while gaining the power to heal.

According to legend, Lemurians used this crystal to pass their wisdom onto others after the civilization’s demise.

Most of the Lemurian Quartz on the market comes from Brazil. Other deposits exist in Madagascar, Colombia, and India. It’s typically found in caves. Thanks to its delicate nature, Lemurian Quartz represents fleeting knowledge.

The crystal is so fragile that it sometimes falls to the floor naturally. When this happens, local civilizations saw it as seeds of knowledge just waiting to flourish!

Lemurian Quartz Meaning

There’s no denying that Lemurian Quartz is special. Since its discovery, humans have treated the crystal as if it were a relic of the past and a key to the future.

It goes by many other names. For example, in addition to Lemurian Quartz, you might see it referred to as “Star Seed Crystal” or “Lemurian Seed Crystal.” Whatever the case may be, this gemstone holds a unique meaning among healers and crystal practitioners.

The primary Lemurian Quartz meaning represents wisdom and openness. It’s the epitome of universal consciousness and the idea of self-actualization.

Many believe that Lemurians held the keys to the universe and understood humanity’s purpose more than any other civilization in the world. The story goes that the knowledge they held resides in Lemurian Quartz. Holders can experience the vibrant energy and relish in the healing properties of etheric bliss.

The stone is all about spiritual development. While most healing crystals focus on emotional health and well-being, this one is about putting your soul on a journey to self-discovery.

Its meaning helps you accept your situation and become more open to experiencing life. No matter how difficult things get, Lemurian Quartz pushes to believe in the cosmic power of the universe and accept everything with open arms. It encourages you to learn from all of life’s complexities and share your spirit with the collective conscious.

Healing Properties & Benefits

There’s a lot to love about Lemurian Quartz. More than just a pretty stone, it’s said to provide a slew of distinct healing properties and benefits that you can’t get with most alternatives in the crystal healing community.

Here are some ways that this mystical stone can influence your life.


Like many healing gemstones, Lemurian Quartz is a wonderful healer. It has a knack for soothing the soul and easing emotional pains. Those who experience significant traumas can benefit from the energy that exudes from this translucent crystal.

It’s not just about wiping away the pain and moving on. The healing properties of Lemurian Quartz always facilitate learning and growth. It’s the embodiment of perseverance and helps you get stronger with every hurdle you overcome.

A large Lemurian Quartz crystal

One of the crystal’s most profound gifts is learning to accept the things you cannot change. Life is full of immovable obstacles. No matter how hard you try to avoid them or overcome them, not everything works out in your favor.

While you could wallow in a pit of despair and pity, Lemurian Quartz ensures that you continue your journey with your head held high. It helps you accept the losses while learning valuable lessons from your efforts.

Many say that Lemurian Quartz also awakens the fighter from within. No matter how self-conscious you are, having this stone in your presence is thought to instill a spark of passion you’ve never felt before.

It unlocks your consciousness and helps you think more clearly. Those feelings of self-doubt and fear? They become a thing of the past as you gain emotional strength and learn.

This crystal can also help you discover your true calling. It’s not uncommon to experience bouts of complacency and loss. Yet, finding joy can be a lifelong endeavor for many people.

Not only does Lemurian Quartz help you overcome those difficult emotions, but it can highlight the path in front of you. The properties and meaning of this stone can give you a nudge in the right direction, setting you on the right course of happiness and showing you all it takes to feel the joy you seek.


As mentioned earlier, Lemurian Quartz is all about the spiritual journey. In the eyes of many crystal healers, your spiritual health is the most crucial aspect of your being to foster. Fortunately, this crystal has all the energy you need to let your spirit soar.

The crystal encourages you to explore and seek wisdom at every corner. It doesn’t matter whether you follow a specific belief system or you’re still on the search for what feels right to you. The meaning of Lemurian Quartz is not affiliated with a religion. Instead, it’s about finding your purpose and understanding your reason for being.

Lemurian Quartz is said to represent interconnected spirits and the concept of universal consciousness. It helps you tap into the spiritual network that connects all humans and living things. While there, you’re safe to find wisdom here on Earth or in the stars.

This crystal is heavily connected with the cosmos and bridges the gap between our realm and those beyond our understanding. Linking the two facilitates learning and puts you one step closer to enlightenment.


Lemurian Quartz may prioritize spiritual journeys above all else, but that doesn’t mean it leaves your physical body out to dry. 

According to some believers, Lemurian Quartz does wonders to support your immune system. It’s considered by some to have the ability to strengthen your body’s immune response, making it more capable of fighting disease. As a result, those with immune disorders may have the most to gain.

The crystal is often used by practitioners to try and help them with autoimmune conditions and various other ailments.

Beyond that, some say that the healing properties of Lemurian Quartz can help with detoxification. Your body is bombarded with environmental toxins all the time. While you have the means to get rid of potential toxins naturally, everyone could benefit from toxin flushing.

Another theory is that Lemurian Quartz supports the kidneys and other detoxifying organs. Not only does it make them more efficient, but the crystal is said to help avoid malfunction and diseases.

As a whole, this crystal purportedly helps alleviate everyday pains. In addition, it’s said to combat the common cold and help speed up recovery after muscle pain. 

It’s thought to keep your hormones in balance, too. Some practitioners say that it even supports the thyroid gland. Some say it even supports the pineal gland for better brain health and function.

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Lemurian Quartz make this a very special crystal.

Healers sometimes refer to it as a “Master Crystal.” That’s because it sways all of your chakras and helps you experience the joys of energetic balance. Lemurian Quartz is one of only several stones that can achieve this feat.

The body has several energy points that control the flow of life force energy. When those points become blocked, you may experience significant shifts in mood or behavior. The metaphysical properties of Lemurian Quartz aim to keep all of the chakras aligned so that you can achieve Kundalini’s awakening.

The energy is free to uncoil from your base and spread like a serpent stretching to the cosmos. And that’s not all that Lemurian Quartz can do.

Most healing crystals deal with the seven primary chakras. However, this crystal also connects with one extra energy point. It’s called the etheric chakra.

The mysterious eighth chakra is located above the crown chakra. Healers believe that it represents your highest self and facilitates a direct connection with the soul and spirit. Unfortunately, unlocking this chakra is incredibly difficult, and few stones in the crystal kingdom can produce enough energy to influence it.

For this reason, Lemurian Quartz is truly special! It can help you maintain a close connection with your Earthly body while also setting you off on a journey of self-discovery.

Unlocking the elusive chakra is said to create a transcendental experience that few have the privilege to encounter.

How To Use It

The best way to utilize Lemurian Quartz and connect with its meaning is through meditation. This crystal is primed for rumination and will readily accept your intent. 

Sit with the stone and get lost in thought! Doing so will let you tap into the collective conscious and venture to the far reaches of your mind. There, you can seek wisdom and knowledge from all corners of the universe.

Some healers believe that Lemurian Quartz also holds messages from the past. Remember, legend says that the crystals are seeds of knowledge planted by the Lemurian people. Meditation can help you unlock those messages!

To do that, you must meditate with each of the striations on the crystal’s face. The grooves represent a rung on the ladder. Think of each line as a separate book that adorns a crowded shelf.

Meditating with every line brings you one step closer to unlocking those messages. Of course, it takes time, but the journey is well worth it.

Beyond mediation, there are several other ways to utilize Lemurian Quartz.

Because of its fragility, Lemurian Quartz jewelry isn’t as widespread. Pieces are available from specialty artisans who know how to work with the delicate nature of the crystal. However, the forms are limited.

The most common type of jewelry you’ll encounter is pendant-style necklaces. As a pendant, fully formed crystals can hang from your neck and stay close to your heart. The gemstone remains in your auric field, where it can continue to imbue your body with healing energy.

Lemurian Quartz containing strong properties

Let the properties of this crystal encourage openness and understanding throughout the day. Then, whenever you need some guidance or peace, it’ll be right there by your side for impromptu meditation.

Of course, raw crystals and points are available as well. Large points are fantastic for guided meditation and spiritual smudging. You can even use them to create a grid of magnification.

Quartz is naturally amplifying. While Lemurian Quartz is unique, it still holds that boosting potential. Use it alongside other stones and feel the complementary energy fill your soul.

Large cuts of Lemurian Quartz make great interior decor as well. There’s no denying that this crystal is beautiful. Place it in your home and use it to manipulate the energy flow in a room.

Lemurian Quartz represents the elements of wind and Earth. As a result, it can play a part in your feng shui efforts. Either way, the presence of its meaning in your home or office can be life-changing.

Zodiac Connection

Lemurian Quartz truly is a catch-all crystal. Its vibrational energy benefits everyone.

While most stones prioritize specific zodiac signs, that’s not the case with this mystical crystal. Instead, it treats everyone the same regardless of the galaxy’s state at the time of birth. That means it doesn’t matter whether you’re a head-strong Scorpio or a more timid Virgo, Lemurian Quartz can help you.

It’s one of only a handful of healing crystals that can achieve this feat! So, relish in its life-changing energy! Take the lessons it provides and begin your journey to openness and self-discovery.

Final Thoughts

Openness and wisdom are at the core of Lemurian Quartz’s meaning. The properties of this crystal allow you to explore and discover new knowledge and pursuits without getting in your own way.

And it has strong spiritual energy as well.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and consider giving this fantastic stone a chance. There’s a lot to like about what it offers!

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