Black Sapphire: Meaning & Healing Properties Guide

Black Sapphire is an uncommon choice in the crystal healing community, but it has a strong energy that can benefit you in a number of ways.

This guide will go over the meaning, healing properties, and different ways to use this stone.

A symmetrical piece of Black Sapphire

History & Overview

If you’ve never heard of Black Sapphire, you’re not alone. Blue Sapphire is definitely not the type that most people think of when they think of this kind of stone. But interestingly enough, Sapphires can be found in several different colors. Black Sapphire, like all variations, is a variety of a mineral called corundum.

Geologically speaking, Black Sapphire is an aluminum oxide that gets its unique color from the impurities that are contained within the stone, and these impurities are often minerals such as iron or titanium. Black Sapphire generally has a translucent to opaque appearance, and unlike other stones, it does not reflect light. Instead, Black Sapphire tends to absorb the light around it, kind of like what happens with a black hole in space. This stone comes in at a nine on the Mohs Hardness Scale, so it’s quite hard. Only Diamond is harder than Sapphire.

Black Sapphire is a very affordable stone that is often confused with other stones such as Tanzanite, Black Onyx or Lolite. Sometimes dishonest stone dealers will attempt to charge high prices for Black Sapphire, so don’t be tricked. It is not considered to be an expensive or monetarily valuable stone, and some people may try to pass it off as a more expensive stone like the ones mentioned above. Most Black Sapphires these days are found in places like Australia, Brazil and Thailand.

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Historically, Black Sapphire has been used in ancient practices and even by witches for its supposed ability to foster wondrous magical work. Conversely, some cultures would actually use Black Sapphire as protection against witchcraft. This is a classic example of different cultures putting their own spin on the properties and meaning of this stone.

You may hear Black Sapphire referred to as a Star Sapphire. These terms are not interchangeable, and we will be focusing on standard Black Sapphire in our discussion. Star Sapphires exhibit an optical phenomenon called asterism, and although some Black Sapphires can be Star Sapphires, obtaining one shouldn’t be a priority.

Black Sapphire Meaning

Black Sapphire is sometimes called “The Stone Of Wisdom” and has a variety of meanings. Interestingly enough, we think that this nickname can be a bit misleading because it doesn’t really mean “wisdom” in the literal sense. It’s more like using Black Sapphire can give you the inner intuition and courage that it takes to make the good decisions that will help you move forward.

The meaning of Black Sapphire is about being protected and anchored in a way that can help you to stand up for yourself in a variety of situations. This could be in relationships, a job situation or just in your day to day life. 

For many people, Black Sapphire is a crystal for money, wealth and prosperity. That’s because this stone is known to be a source of determination, confidence, ambition and motivation. As we all know, these are character traits that are needed to take chances, stay true to goals and to stay the course, even when things get rough.

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Black Sapphire has also become a source of support during times of grief or sadness, mental clarity and focus, better communication and a stronger and more meaningful love life.

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Healing Properties & Benefits

Black Sapphire may not be as well known as its blue counterpart, but it certainly offers plenty of its own unique and helpful healing properties and benefits. This beautiful stone is known to help the user heal emotionally, spiritually and metaphysically as well.

This stone is said to have a meaning and properties that help to focus and calm the mind, help our body recover from trauma and to connect us to higher beings such as angels. Most crystal healers say that Black Sapphire strengthens us from within, so that we can better handle life’s challenges.

Black Sapphire is often used in beautiful jewelry settings, as a powerful meditation aid and as a protective amulet. Black Sapphire may not be the most expensive stone in terms of price, but its healing properties and benefits are invaluable.

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Black Sapphire is a powerful stone to have on your side when life’s worries and struggles start to feel like they’re just too much. This is a very grounding stone that can give you a boost of self-confidence and inner-trust that will help you to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Using Black Sapphire is often likened to having a little island of calm in life’s stormy sea because it’s said to be a powerful crystal for anxiety, panic and feelings of desperation. It’s the anchoring vibrations of Black Sapphire that can help you feel like you’re on solid ground.

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This stone, despite its ability to create a sense of calm, is not known as a soothing stone. Instead, the healing properties of Black Sapphire give you the confidence and motivation that’s needed to handle the people and situations around you, thereby creating your own safe space. This stone can help you deal with difficult people and situations with more confidence, and you will feel better able to set boundaries in a way that others will respect.

Black Sapphire is also a potent stone to have by your side when you need the courage to stand up for yourself. This can be especially important if you are in a relationship or in a situation where you feel intimidated or even bullied. Let Black Sapphire give you the strength and confidence you need to banish your fears, so you can bring yourself to a feeling of safety and stability.

Many people use this stone to help with romance and their love life. The meaning of Black Sapphire may inspire you to trust others, to trust your own intuition and to open your heart to the possibility of a loving relationship.


Despite the fact that Black Sapphire is a very grounding stone, it has the ability to bring the user high-reaching, spiritual benefits. The stone grounds you and keeps you tethered to the earth as you simultaneously soar to greater spiritual heights.

Black Sapphire is also a very protective crystal that may be able to give you the spiritual protection you need while you are testing the limits of your capabilities.

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Many people who know about the benefits of stones really like Black Sapphire for its ability to increase a person’s psychic capabilities. When you use Black Sapphire while on your spiritual journey, you may find yourself with increased intuition and a heightened sense of clairvoyance. Black Sapphire is often the stone of choice for mediums who want a clearer channel of communication with those who have passed on.


Lots of people are aware of the spiritual and emotional benefits of using healing stones, but the way that these stones may be able to bring physical healing is not always so well known. Black Sapphire is a stone that is used quite often by natural healing practitioners with the intention of providing lasting relief from a variety of physical complaints.

Black Sapphire is often used by crystal healers who have bowel disorders, including illnesses like IBS. Others seek it out with the goal of speeding up healing from severe physical trauma and injuries, and it is said to act as a pain reliever. This stone is also thought to calm body systems, regulate glands and provide healing for a variety of blood disorders in the crystal healing community.

Metaphysical Properties

Whilst working on your emotional, physical or spiritual health, it’s important not to neglect the health of your energy centers, also called chakras. The word, chakra, means wheel, and these chakras are how the energy in our body spins and flows in order to keep us healthy and balanced. Many healing stones are thought to have a particular connection to one or more of these energy centers. 

In the case of Black Sapphire, its metaphysical properties seem to be most effective as a stone for the root chakra. The root chakra is all about grounding, security and stability. When this chakra is out of balance, you may feel listless, uncertain, disconnected or unable to concentrate. 

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The grounding nature of Black Sapphire is the perfect stone to use to get your root chakra back into shape. Meditating with this stone will help you to feel in control again and able to move forward with energy and a feeling of connection. Not only will its metaphysical properties aid you with this, but thinking about its meaning while you meditate can also help.

It’s said that the best way to meditate with Black Sapphire is to do so in total darkness. Not only should you meditate with this stone in a darkened room, but it’s most effectively used during the dark period at the end of the moon cycle.  

Ways To Use It

Many people who are interested in crystal healing aren’t familiar with the optimal way to use each individual stone. Without understanding how to properly use your Black Sapphire, you will be losing out on the chance to develop a relationship that can, and should, last a lifetime. With a little research and some guidance, you will be able to find the method that works best for you. You may even find out that it’s better to mix things up sometimes! It’s totally up to you.

Because Black Sapphire is such a beautiful and unique stone, it makes sense to display it in a jewelry setting. Wearing jewelry made from Black Sapphire can bring joy to your day, it can bring positive vibrations to those around you, and it ensures that its healing properties and protection is as close as possible during your day. 

Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings are all excellent choices. Some people feel that wearing it in a ring works best, but it really is a matter of preference. No matter which jewelry setting you choose, caregivers and healers may receive enhanced benefits from wearing Black Sapphire.

Black Sapphire is associated with water energy which is useful for maintaining an atmosphere of calm, inner strength and repose. With this in mind, practitioners of feng shui will usually place Black Sapphire in the north area of the home or living space.

This stone is one that has been used for centuries, so it has come to be used in many other ways that include divination, goddess work, communication with angels and as a meditation focus. The meaning and properties of Black Sapphire also make it a powerful stone to use in talismans and protective amulets.

Stone Combinations

Black Sapphire is a fantastic healing crystal on its own, but you can sometimes increase its potency when you combine it with other healing stones. When you do this, the stones form a partnership where they share their healing properties with each other. Only certain stones can be paired with Black Sapphire in this way, so check with an experienced healer first. We will mention a few worthwhile combinations, but there are many more.

One nice thing about Black Sapphire is that it is a stone that pairs nicely with many other stones.

You can combine it with stones like Silver, Chalcedony or Silkstone for general healing, but there are other combinations for more specific issues.

For example, if you are looking for some extra stress relief, then you might want to try pairing your Black Sapphire with something like Amethyst.

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For success in a new venture, Ruby is a nice stone to pair with Black Sapphire. Other combinations include Black Tourmaline for clarity and good decision making, Blue Tiger’s Eye for increased knowledge and Hypersthene for trust.

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As we said before, there are lots of other wonderful stones that can be successfully paired with Black Sapphire. If you would like to try stone combinations, all it takes is a little research, the right intention and an open and willing heart.

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How To Cleanse Black Sapphire

Periodically cleansing your Black Sapphire is very important if you want its meaning and properties to influence you over time. As you work with your stone, it absorbs lots of negative energy and toxic vibrations that would have otherwise entered your auric space. After a while, that negative energy is going to drain your stone, and it won’t be able to work at its full capacity. 

Giving it a good cleansing and recharging about once a week will help keep your Black Sapphire healthy and strong. If you have a new Black Sapphire, then give it a thorough cleansing before you start to use it. This will help to ensure that all previous energy is cleaned away. You should also cleanse your stone if it has been sitting around for a while.

There are several excellent methods that can be used to cleanse healing stones. You don’t need to stick to a particular one, and we highly recommend giving multiple methods a try. Over time, you will get a stronger sense of which method is best for your Black Sapphire at the time.

An easy way to cleanse your Black Sapphire is to soak it in warm, distilled water for about half an hour. When you’re done, gently rub it dry with a soft cloth.

Another method that is quite common and pleasing to do is to smudge your stone. Using sage to cleanse this crystal is a popular choice, and it’s very effective. Hold your stone in the rising smoke of the herb. When the smoke seems to settle and rise gently and evenly around your stone, then the cleansing is done. This can be beneficial to you and those around you as well.

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Other ways to cleanse and charge your Black Sapphire include placing your stone on a Clear Quartz cluster, using the vibrations of a crystal tuner and placing your stone in the light of a full moon. 

Zodiac Connection 

You may or may not know that some healing stones seem to have an attraction to certain zodiac signs. In the case of Black Sapphire, Taurus is the sign that is thought to have the closest connection to the meaning of this stone. People born under other signs may certainly use Black Sapphire to good effect, but a Taurus may derive even more healing benefits.

A Taurus, like people born under other zodiac signs, is blessed with both positive and negative character traits. It’s thought that Black Sapphire can help a Taurus bring about a healthy balance between these two extremes.

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Using Black Sapphire is a good Taurus stone because it helps them stay grounded, keep an open mind and maintain better temper control. This stone will also work to support and enhance the wonderful character traits of a Taurus including dependability, a generous heart, a listening ear and an incredible work ethic.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re interested in bringing something new to your crystal healing practice, Black Sapphire is a stone you should consider. With a comforting meaning and strong healing properties, just about anyone can benefit from using it!

If you have any questions about this stone or have experiences with it that you’d like to share, let us know. We’re always eager to learn more and chat with others in the community!